ANGOLA — Last night I probably didn’t do what I should have, and that was head to bed an hour early to compensate for the start of daylight saving time.

I may have woken up a bit groggy today because I just had to watch “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live, and with all of the activity in our house there probably wasn’t any sleeping in.

At least I didn’t have to work the Saturday shift to put out today’s newspaper; for some reason that always socks me on daylight saving time weekend.

As a person who grew up with daylight saving time, I never knew why there was such division over it in Indiana. When I first moved here, I was shocked to learn that Indiana didn’t observe daylight saving time, but now I am one of those who enjoy that it is here.

Being one who likes the outdoors, moving to Steuben County was a good thing. Living on the lake, daylight saving time means you get to spend more time on the water, whether it is to cruise around, spot for the skier neighbors or go skiing or fishing (not so much of either these days).

It does amaze me that there are those who still ski past sunset, the official ending time for high speed boating on our sports lakes. Nighttime doesn’t always give skiers the same calm water as early morning, but there are those who take advantage of the bonus hour daylight saving time provides.

But there’s still a few who skirt the law.

There’s this one group of guys who always seem to get started about a half hour or hour before sundown. And they are known to stretch the limit. And there’s always some guy who will inform them that they are not supposed to be skiing after sundown; they know what they’re doing.

This year there’s been more debate about daylight saving time because of the tragic bus wreck in Rochester that claimed the lives of three children last October. I don’t want to get into that debate, other than to say passing a stopped school bus is wrong, period, no matter what the time of day, and it does happen at all hours.

There are always arguments against it, even though this will be the 14th year that Indiana will observe daylight saving time. Time flies!

For Steuben County, there’s anecdotal evidence that the golf courses and ice cream shops have benefited from daylight saving time.

“People definitely golf later, use the Pokagon State Park, etc.,” said June Julien, Steuben County Tourism Bureau executive director.

“I don’t have any statistics, but it is also warmer during daylight saving time so both things work together to encourage outdoor activities,” she said.

Some might recall when the Patriotic Pops concert used to be held in standard time. We were leaving the show in the dark. On the other hand, it also means that the fireworks show at Lake James — or anywhere else for that matter — starts after 10 p.m. instead of after 9 p.m. in the so-called good old days.

I was curious about that contentious time during the first year of Gov. Mitch Daniels’ term in office when daylight saving time passed, particularly how our delegation to the Legislature voted. For what it’s worth, there was a split between our two senators, with Sen. Dennis Kruse voting no and Sen. Bob Meeks voting yes. Both Rep. Dick Dodge and Rep. Marlin Stutzman voted no.

In our house, as long as there are set bedtimes for certain individuals (short, blonde and 8 years old) there will be a constant debate.

“Why do have to go to bed now? It’s still light out?”

So I can go skiing with the neighbors. (Insert smiley face here.)

Mike Marturello is the editor at the Herald Republican. He can be emailed at

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