It’s been two months since we moved The Herald Republican office to a new space about a block away from where we called home since 1882.

That’s right, 1882. We had been the longest, continuously operating private business on the Public Square. The only entity that had been on the Square longer than us was Steuben County government in the historic Steuben County Courthouse.

Thankfully, we didn’t move out of the downtown. We are now firmly planted in the Monument One building that sits on the corner of East Maumee Street at North Martha Street. We are accessed at 107 N. Martha St., right across from the Angola Moose Lodge.

This has taken some getting used to. Think about it; we were in the same space for 137 years. Personally, I had worked out of the building nearly 38 years, or 28% of the time The Herald Republican was in that space.

Well before that movie came out with Sandra Bullock that caused people to put on blindfolds and try to walk, say, across North Wayne Street on a Friday afternoon, I attempted walking blind through our old offices. No problem. Even the stairs that headed from the ground floor to the basement, which is constructed of massive boulders, I did it with ease.

It’s going to be a while before I attempt walking sightless through our new offices, but it should be much easier on one floor. Think about it, we have gone from a building that was about 6,000 square feet to one that is about 2,000 square feet.

And that was the big reason for our move; it just wasn’t efficient or cost effective to have six people working out of a space that large.

Now, just about a block away (our parking lot was in the 100 block of South Martha) you wouldn’t think things would be that much different. The walk to the Courthouse got longer (and if you left your cell phone in your pocket, you better not have been cutting it close on attending a hearing), and the same goes for City Hall. We’re much closer to Monument Pizza and about the same distance from Sutton’s Deli. McCool’s is closer, I think, but not by much. I will be able to tell come winter. When the food trucks set up on East Gilmore, look out, here we come!

Nonetheless, we’re in a different neighborhood. We are getting to know some of the folks who live in Monument One Apartments and have gotten a read on the activities at the Moose. We watch people come and go for yoga at Body & Soul’s new space on the other side of the building.

The alley behind Hansbarger’s for weeks and weeks had this abandoned powder blue bike with a bent up front wheel. It disappeared about a week or so ago. There’s a planter in about the same space that has sprouted a cottonwood tree.

Instead of parking lot chats with attorney Craig Benson, I now talk with Jon Gnagy from Monument.

Just like our old space, we have a rain garden next to our parking lot, but the new one doesn’t get weeded by Janel and Tara from Steuben County Soil and Water Conservation.

I have been particularly impressed with how neighborly folks have been, though I am not surprised. I enjoy the fact that our readers and customers have been very supportive. There’s barely a day that goes by when someone doesn’t ask about how things are going or they stop by just to check us out.

The move did force me to part with stuff that I had held on to too long. I still have a couple boxes next to my desk that haven’t been unloaded (maybe I should have gotten rid of that stuff, too). We haven’t hung our numerous awards dating to the 1970s. We haven’t hung pictures. My various Steuben County Soldiers’ Monument art is tucked away. I need to get with it!

We are hopefully going to hold an open house one of these days so we can become better acquainted with the community in our new space, where we have an awesome landlord in Menno Wagler with wonderful assistance from his daughter, Lori Kain.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, stop by and say hello!

Mike Marturello is the editor of The Herald Republican in Angola. You may reach him at

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