For nearly 35 years, Garrett alum have reunited in July through a variety events, such as a luncheon, golf outing, walk around town and Friday night gatherings at various locations and the Garrett American Legion.

Garrett Alumni Association members meet to organize this event all year long. Many them helped in the early years, such as Cleo Talley from the Class of 1941 and Doris McIntosh and Normand Higgins from the Class of 1947.

This year, the annual golf outing packed Garrett Country Club on Friday morning. The walk around town had fewer folks this year, but a film at the library that followed attracted several more people — as did Carolyn DePaolo’s homemade cookies!

The luncheon that once drew hundreds had notably fewer members this year. Sadly, members of the 1930s classes that once included Ferne Moats are no longer represented. This year Cleo Talley was the only alumnus from 1941. She and former Garrett Mayor Herb Kleeman from the class of 1942 were the eldest, both in their early 90s, plus a handful of classmates from the class of 1947 who celebrated their 70th anniversary this year.

Of those attending the luncheon, the tables reserved for the 1950s and 1960s had many classmates, but only a couple from the 1970 class attended. The thousands of graduates from the 1970s to the 2000s were represented. Where did they go?

Reunion organizers are looking to answer this question, but need younger blood to help make it continue.

Those who can help—both locally and across the country, are encouraged to contact a member of the Garrett Alumni Association, including Katrina Custer, Sandy Griffin or Carol Hathaway.

The Garrett Public Library annually displays Garrett High School class photos from the early 1900s through the 1940s. The collage-style photos were no longer printed after 1948.

Some photos cannot be displayed because of poor condition and need to be repaired and reframed. In some cases, some individual photos are missing and will need to be replaced. At this time, the 1948 class photo is being refurbished, according to Johanna Bysanski. The total cost will be around $200 including framing, matting and calligraphy is about $200.

Recently, the Class of 1947 was reframed, with new backing, new glass frame and replacement of one missing photo. The Class of 1956 sponsored this framing. They also sponsored the 1917 Class reframing.

Framing is needed for the following years — 1901, 1910, 1912, 1916, 1917, 1936 and 1945. These are currently in storage awaiting restoration at the library. All need tag board, new calligraphy, new glass and frames. If every alumnus sent only $2 or $5, it would not take long to cover the expense, said Byanski.

Donations can be made to the attention of Director Matt Etzel at the Garrett Public Library, Gift Fund. Donors are asked indicate an area of interest.

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