While I know some adamant cat fanciers, I have always been a dog person. For almost all my life, there has been at least one dog in my life, including a mutt named Zippy who rules my home at present.

You are likely to be aware of the common symptoms of the disease COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and even loss of taste or smell have all been widely publicized.

Exercise is a very individual thing. For many people, early morning is the only time of day available to exercise. For others, it is late evening. But if you have a choice, which is best?

Unlike the U.S., Iceland is a great place for a population study. It is an island with only one major port of entry (the international airport in Reykjavik), a highly literate population, and a universal health care system. These are nearly perfect conditions to study how infectious diseases…

With all the news about the COVID-19 pandemic virus, it is easy for me to forget that other diseases are still out there. So, with the onset of spring and warmer weather, I want to remind you that tick season is beginning. That means that it is also Lyme disease season.

Hopefully, everyone has gotten the message by now that we are supposed to try to keep 6 feet between us and everyone else. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic virus, being closer might endanger us and those around us, which is potentially dangerous and downright rude.

It is difficult to find something positive to say about health care and the economy right now. On the other hand, we are transitioning to spring with robins and other wildlife and plants popping up seemingly everywhere you look.

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