When I was in medical school back in 1976, army recruits in Fort Dix, New Jersey, fell ill from an influenza strain that was genetically similar to the one that caused the 1918 “Spanish flu” pandemic. Although it had not spread beyond the army post, the potential was frightening.

There are members of my family who have significant reactions to gluten containing foods, which can mean meals containing rice appear frequently on the menu.

As the leaves are turning and the weather is cooling, the onset of autumn brings with it the annual flu season. However, this year is special as we are in the midst of a pandemic.

Public health has a lot to do with populations and statistics in that we tend to think of groups of people and the diseases that affect them in faceless numbers and averages rather than as individuals. But from now on, for me, the COVID-19 pandemic has a face. That face belongs to my eldest …

The COVID-19 pandemic has seemed to suck a lot of the fun out of life for many of us. Those of us who take the guidelines seriously are staying out of public places as much as possible. Even when we do go out, the masks and social distancing put both physical and psychological barriers between us.

In order to get beyond the mess we are in with the pandemic COVID-19 virus, the experts tell us that many of us will need to develop immunity to the virus. That might be achieved by most people having had the disease, like the people of Sweden seem to be trying for. But most of the rest of t…

The MIND diet is part of the effort to reduce dementia. MIND stands for the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. It combines aspects of two popular diets, the Mediterranean diet and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet as I told you a few weeks ago.

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