Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is recognized around the world as one of the main figures in the fight against injustice and discrimination. With strong leadership skills and values, he led the effort to bring equality to all people.

Although the segregated world he grew up in was oppressive to people of color, Dr. King did not hesitate to fight for what was right and fair to all. Inspired by his father, Dr. King became a minister and took action to change the way African-Americans were treated at the time and give everyone, regardless of color, the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

Dr. King’s influence has continued through multiple generations, and today his birthday is a holiday in the United States. He was able to inspire millions of people and is celebrated today because of his strong character. He is commemorated for the love he had for the people who followed him and his desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Dr. King’s vision was to make democracy and freedom a reality for all Americans. Dr. King is celebrated to honor his dream for justice and equality, and for what he did to make it a reality through different movements and reforms. Dr. King made millions of people realize how important the value of reconciliation is, through a movement based on peace, unity, justice and equality. In his speech, “I Have a Dream,” delivered in Washington on Aug. 28, 1963, he expressed the values of tolerance, equality and love.

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a common vision of unity for Americans and people of all cultures and nations, no matter where you are from or what your background is. Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is a holiday of intercultural and interracial unity and cooperation. No matter if you are Africa-American, Hispanic, Native American, Caucasian or Asian-American, you are still part of the American Dream that Dr. King dedicated his life to. The celebration of his life helps fulfills his dream of making all people equal.

Dr. King created a global vision for an end to war, violence and racism, accomplished through peaceful means. His birthday is a holiday of solidarity and liberation that celebrates the best of America and commemorates a man who had to go to jail 29 times in order to accomplish what America needed at the time. His legacy is an example for future generations of Americans, and thanks to Dr. King, parents can pass these values to their kids. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is a great chance to make a personal commitment to serve the community, love one another, and follow his legacy and teachings.

On Friday, Feb. 2, beginning at 7 p.m. in the T. Furth Center for Performing Arts, Trine University’s Multicultural Student Organization will host its 27th annual celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin King Jr. This free event will include guest speaker Andre M. Ebron, a 2004 graduate of Trine University, and music by choirs from Angola High School and Union Baptist Church in Fort Wayne. We invite the community to join us in honoring the work of Dr. King to make this a better nation and world.

Yancy Bejarano of Honduras is president of Trine University’s Multicultural Student Organization.

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