INDIANAPOLIS — In a shortened holiday week, local vaccine numbers posted good numbers as child vaccine efforts continue across the state.

Because of the holiday, the last day of state data updated on Wednesday, two days short of the usual week.

Still, the local area saw better-than-average vaccine uptake, with 364 first-timers coming in for shots.

That’s lower than the 673 recipients the week before, but close to the 393 the seven-day week before that.

DeKalb County had 142 first-time recipients, followed by 110 in Noble County, 68 in Steuben County and 44 in LaGrange County.

State numbers were down on the shortened week at 29,801 compared to 61,529 on the full week prior.

Indiana is still seeing some increased vaccine uptake as the state starts vaccinating children age 5-11, who only became eligible for shots within the last month.

About 9.4% of the state’s nearly 609,000 youngsters in that age bracket have had their first shots and about the first 0.5% of the group has received its second and become fully vaccinated.

The state’s also been seeing a large uptake in booster vaccines, which are now approved for all adults after previously only being recommended for older people and other high-risk individuals.

The state has been distributing more than 10,000 boosters per day recently, helping to supplement the immunity of people who had been previously vaccinated.

Statewide, 50.4% of all Hoosiers have been fully vaccinated. Children under 5 years old can’t be vaccinated yet, while most age 5-11 haven’t had enough time elapse to get their second dose yet.

Locally, vaccination rates continue to remain well behind the statewide average.

Steuben County is at 42.5%, DeKalb County sits at 38.5%, Noble County at 37.2% and LaGrange County at a state-lowest 21.2%.

The state is continuing to see a renewed surge in new cases and hospitalizations as the state heads into the winter months.

After seeing improvement after mid-September for about six weeks after coming out of a summer surge brought on by the highly infectious delta variant of the virus, the state is once again seeing an uptick in new activity.

Cases have been up to about 3,000 new per day, with hospitalizations over 1,800. That’s made this latest increase already the third-worst in the state’s history, although metrics never really deflated all the back to a low level before starting to turn up again this time.

Despite the split between vaccinated and unvaccinated Hoosiers being about 50/50 now, the majority of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to be among the state’s unprotected groiup.

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