ANGOLA — The Steuben County Board of Commissioners is going to hold its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, April 6, but if people want to participate they will have to do so by conference call.

The move was done in order to reduce crowd size and allow for maximum social distancing in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Due to the directive issued by the Governor, (Eric Holcomb) we are asking that the media and members of the public participate via conference call in an effort to keep in person participants to 10 or less,” said a notice issued Thursday morning.

The meeting takes place at its regular time, 1 p.m., and will be in the commissioners’ meeting room in the Steuben Community Center.

To participate in the conference call people need to follow these directions:

• If you are calling in from a Steuben County government office phone, dial extension 4601.

• From any external phone, call 668-4601.

• Once you have joined the conference call, mute your phone to prevent disruptive feedback.

If you have any questions regarding the conference call, call Erin Schiffli, administrative assistant to the commissioners, at 668-1000, ext. 1224.

While under the Holcomb’s shut down order, government entities have been given great latitude in conducting public meetings by means normally not allowed under the state’s Open Door Law while still allowing public participation. Conference calls are one of the allowed methods of allowing public input, as are virtual meetings and other electronic means.

“Due to the fact the meeting is still during the timeframe that is covered under the Governor’s Executive Order, we want to abide by the Open Door Laws and serve the public by allowing them to participate, but have minimal face to face contact due to COVID-19,” Schiffli said in an email.

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