Daily update May 26

Indiana surpassed 32,000 cases on Tuesday, although the number of new cases remained below average compared to recent weeks.

INDIANAPOLIS — After going a little more than week without a new death, Noble County recorded its 21st fatality from COVID-19 on Tuesday.

Noble County logged the new death as of Tuesday’s update from the Indiana State Department of Health. The county, which has been fighting outbreaks at two nursing homes, has previously gone through streaks of deaths from the virus.

At the end of April, Noble County recorded 10 deaths in a week’s time, then after a short period with no additional fatalities, the county then recorded another six between May 10-16. Then, again, last week, the county had no new deaths, holding at 20.

Noble County has had far more COVID-19 deaths compared to its neighbors in the region, with LaGrange and Steuben counties recording two each to date and DeKalb County having just one death. Noble County is only a little behind Elkhart County (28), which has more than four times the population and five times the cases.

Allen County has had 66 deaths overall.

Nursing home outbreaks continue to be a point of emphasis for the state, as those facilities are filled with older residents who are more at risk from COVID-19.

Statewide, 224 long-term care facilities have had at least one positive patient and 142 facilities have reported at least one death.

Long-term care facilities account for about 13% of cases overall, but about 47% of the statewide deaths.

Indiana’s case counts and deaths were again below average for May, even as testing slipped back a little over the holiday weekend. The state added 363 new cases and recorded 18 new death since Monday. Testing dipped to just under 4,500, a low mark after 12 consecutive days of testing 5,200 or more.

Noble County added four more cases overall to go to 189 total. Steuben County was up one case to 80 overall. LaGrange County was unchanged and DeKalb County added two cases to 31 overall.

Elsewhere in the region, Elkhart County topped 1,000 cases earlier this week, now sitting at 1,057 overall, while Kosciusko County sits at 94, Whitley County at 40 and Allen County at 1,309 cases.

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