Daily update Feb. 19

The four-county area saw small increases in COVID-19 cases on Friday. No new deaths were reported.

INDIANAPOLIS — After four straight days of statewide COVID-19 case counts below 1,000, Indiana just topped that mark on Friday.

But positivity still remained very low, below the statewide benchmark of 5%, so overall the situation continues to look good for the state at this time.

Indiana logged 1,035 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, breaking a four-day streak of sub-1,000 case counts. But, by comparison, that total is down about 400 cases compared to last Friday, so Indiana continued to see a trend of improvement this week compared to last week.

The case count came on a higher testing number of about 32,000 tests, resulting in a positivity rate of 3.2% on the day, which continues to run at the lowest levels the state has ever seen.

The combination of high testing numbers and low positivity is strong indicator of low spread of the virus, even if case counts do tick up a little day-to-day when testing numbers rise.

The state did record 44 deaths on the day, which is slightly above the running monthly average of 42 deaths per day. There were no deaths reported in the four-county area. The four county area has only logged four deaths combined so far in February.

Statewide hospitalizations ticked down to 948 patients total across the state, the lowest since Oct. 2.

Indiana is nearing where it was during mid-2020 on hospitalizations, when the state saw a range of 600-900 people hospitalized most days between June and October.

Locally, the four-county area continues to see small increases in case counts.

DeKalb County added 15 new cases on Friday, followed by Steuben County with 11 new. Noble and LaGrange counties each added five new cases.

Positivity in Noble and LaGrange counties sits at 5% or lower, while Steuben and DeKalb counties are both just slightly under 10% this week.

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