Daily update Nov. 14

LaGrange and DeKalb counties each recorded one new death as the four counties combined for nearly 300 total cases on Saturday.

INDIANAPOLIS — LaGrange and DeKalb counties recorded new deaths, meanwhile the state shattered its all-time high for cases, surging well over 8,000 cases statewide.

LaGrange County recorded its 23rd death all-time and the eighth in the county since Halloween.

The new death in LaGrange County occurred Thursday, according to the Indiana State Department of Health Saturday report, and was a patient 80 years old or older.

To date, LaGrange County has had three deaths among people in their 60s, 12 among people in their 70s and eight people who were 80 or older.

LaGrange County has now had eight deaths in the last two weeks, recording deaths on Oct. 31, Nov. 3, Nov. 5, Nov. 9, two on Nov. 10 and one each on Nov. 11 and Nov. 12.

In DeKalb County, it’s the 17th death since March. The death occurred on Wednesday and was a person in their 70s, according to demographic data.

To date, DeKalb County has had two deaths among people in their 60s, five deaths of patients in their 70s and 10 deaths at the 80-plus age grouping.

For DeKalb County, the new death was the fourth in the week of Nov. 4-11.

The four-county average is now averaging one death per day, with 24 total deaths over the last 24 days.

The local deaths came on another record-breaking day for Indiana as new cases surged to an all-time high at 8,322 new cases reported.

That shattered the old record, set Thursday at 6,591 cases, by nearly 2,000 new cases. A month ago, cases had never topped 2,000 in a single day and now have risen to four times that amount.

The case count came on a record-high 68,000 tests processed, but that still resulted in a positivity rate of 12.17%. Positivity has been above 10% all but two days this month as cases continue surging at higher levels even as testing numbers go up.

The state benchmark for positivity is 5%, a level that Indiana was under in mid-September but now is running at a rate more than twice that goal.

Statewide hospitalizations rose again to a new record high, with 2,634 total patients admitted for COVID-19 treatment.

The state logged 25 deaths on Saturday, which was actually lower than recent daily death counts, although deaths tend to drop at the end of the week as reports lag over the weekend.

Locally, case numbers exploded upward on a day when the state set its record high.

Noble County added 99 new cases in one day, followed by DeKalb County with 79 new cases, Steuben County with 68 new cases and LaGrange County with 45 new cases.

Those capped off a week of very high case numbers. Since last Saturday, Noble County added 394 cases in a single week; DeKalb County increased 265 cases; Steuben County was up 245 cases and LaGrange County added 191 cases.

The four-county area also saw multiple deaths in the past week. Noble and LaGrange counties both added five deaths each, DeKalb County had three and Steuben County had one death each.

Noble County has 40 deaths total since March, LaGrange has 23, DeKalb sits at 17 and Steuben at 11.

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