Daily update Sept. 14

Steuben County added 15 new cases of COVID-19 over Sunday and Monday, while DeKalb County was up 11 cases. No new deaths were reported over the weekend.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana is starting the week with new case counts higher than typical for a Monday, while some local counties are seeing a rise in cases from the weekend.

According to Monday’s daily report from the Indiana State Department of Health, the state added 736 cases of COVID-19. That’s not the highest total for a Monday ever, but it’s the second-highest total to start a week since the first week of August.

Case counts had been high at the end of last week and over the weekend as Indiana has been bringing new labs onto the statewide reporting system, resulting in several large one-time data dumps. Another lab was onboarded as of Monday’s report, although it brought 1,770 total negative tests with it and no new cases.

New labs and agencies generally report their positives to the state health department even before they’re loaded into the statewide reporting system, therefore bringing their negative tests online at a later point.

Subtracting out the new lab, the state tested about 16,000 people in the Monday report, representing a positivity rate of 4.5%, which is below the 5% mark state health officials want to see.

The state had just one new death reported in Monday’s report, although death totals are usually low over the weekend and then rise during the week due to reporting and verification delays.

Locally, case counts continue rising on the eastern side of the four-county area, with both Steuben and DeKalb county seeing larger rises in cases over Sunday and Monday.

Steuben County increased 15 cases since Saturday, while DeKalb County was up 11 cases. Noble County increases just six and LaGrange County was up two cases.

No new deaths were reported in the four-county area. Three deaths reported by the DeKalb County Health Department still haven’t shown up in the state report yet, but may early this week.

Noble County remains at 32 deaths overall, followed by DeKalb County at 12, LaGrange County at 11 and Steuben County with seven.

The four counties have combined for 16 deaths since Aug. 19, about a quarter of the all-time total in less than a month.

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