AUBURN — The DeKalb County Health Department on Friday reported one new death of a COVID-19 patient and 48 new cases of COVID-19 in county residents.

The death is the 26th for DeKalb County. The person who died is more than 70 years old. The department said no further information about the death will be released.

The new patients bring the total of positive cases in DeKalb County to 1,647 overall. Friday’s 48 cases mark the second most in a single day, although well short of the record 72 reported Tuesday.

Friday’s new patients include one between birth to age 10; five between ages 11-20; 13 from 21-30 years of age; four between 31-40; six who are 41-50 years old; 13 who are 51-60; five who are 61-70; one who is 71-80; and none above the age of 80.

The Regenstrief Institute reports that 134 DeKalb County residents have been hospitalized with COVID-19, an increase of two since Thursday, including 33 who have been treated by intensive care units, a number unchanged since Wednesday.

The Health Department has issued these guidelines for county residents:

• Masks are essential in stopping the spread of COVID-19 in asymptomatic people.

• Avoid groups where social distancing is not possible or is not being done.

• Keeping schools, restaurants and businesses open necessitates all of us teaming up and masking up.

• Lives can be saved and hospitalizations reduced through community teamwork.

• Please follow Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order requiring face masks in public settings.

• Continue to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Area deaths rising

The death count in the four-county area continues rising, as DeKalb and LaGrange counties both added new deaths on another day when the state exceeded 60 new fatalities from COVID-19.

The four-county area has seen 41 deaths in the last 30 days.

DeKalb County has seen a spate of deaths over the last two weeks, with 10 total deaths in the last nine days.

To date, DeKalb County has had three deaths among people in their 60s, seven deaths of patients in their 70s and 16 deaths at the 80-plus age grouping.

In LaGrange county, the latest death was the county’s 25th all-time. The new death occurred Wednesday and was a person 80 years old or older.

To date, LaGrange County has had one death among people in their 50s, three deaths among people in their 60s, 12 among people in their 70s and nine people who were 80 or older.

LaGrange County has recorded 10 deaths since Halloween.

Statewide, Indiana logged 6,808 new cases of COVID-19, the highest total ever on a Friday, although a slight decrease from Thursday’s count.

The total was 1,200 cases more than last Friday, continuing a trend this week of every day running somewhere between 600-2,000 cases more than the previous week. Last Saturday was the state’s all-time high of more than 8,300 cases.

Statewide hospitalizations continued to rise, increasing slightly to 3,077 total patients, the highest ever.

In a bit of good news, hospitalizations in Health District 3, which includes the four-county area, Allen and Whitley counties and five others to the south, have declined a bit, dropping to 342 patients in treatment for COVID-19 from a record high of 397 patients set earlier this week.

Friday represented another day of very high statewide deaths, logging 63. This week has had the highest death count so far of any week in the pandemic, with previous days having one-day death counts of 84, 60 and 59 prior to Friday.

Indiana is averaging 43 deaths per day so far in November, almost double the 22 per day in October, which was double the 11 deaths per day in September.

Local case counts continue rising in the four-county area.

Steuben County added 54 new cases, Noble County was up 51 and LaGrange County was up by 26 cases.

No other deaths were reported in the area. Noble County remains at 44, while Steuben County has lost 13. residents.

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