Weekly update June 19

Noble County logged two new deaths this past week, but COVID-19 activity has continued to drop statewide and locally. All four counties recorded fewer than 20 cases this past week.

INDIANAPOLIS — Although statewide COVID-19 activity continues to drop, Noble County recorded two more deaths from the virus this past week.

Noble County logged its 87th and 88th deaths this past week. One occurred on June 11 and the other on June 13. One person was in their 60s and the other in their 50s, said demographic information from the state.

To date in Noble County, one death has been among a resident in the 40s, five were people in their 50s, nine people in their 60s, 21 people in their 70s and 52 at 80 or older.

Noble County recorded one death in the previous week, too, making three deaths in the county over the last two weeks.

No other deaths were recorded in the four-county area. All-time, DeKalb County has logged 85 deaths, LaGrange County has 72 deaths and Steuben County stands at 59.

Cases dropping

The deaths in Noble County continue despite dropping COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths across the state.

This past week, average daily cases dropped again to just 306 cases per day, down from 363 cases per day last week.

Positivity also remained low at 2.35%, up from 2.08% a week ago.

Hospitalizations have continued to drop, falling to 444 patients in treatment across the state, a new record low for Indiana. Average daily deaths over the last week sat at just over seven per day, which is down from a week ago.

COVID-19 activity has dropped as Indiana entered the summer months, similar to what happened in summer 2020, even as the state continues to lag most of the nation in vaccination rate.

Statewide, only 47% of Hoosiers age 12 and older are fully vaccinated, with Indiana being among the bottom 25% of states for vaccine rate in the U.S. Indiana stands no reasonable chance of hitting a 70% vaccination rate by July 4, a goal set by President Joe Biden for the nation. While some east coast states have already hit that level, most red states in the U.S. continue to trail.

Vaccines effective

Vaccines have proven to be highly effective, with only about 2,200 breakthrough cases — cases occurring after someone has been fully vaccinated — recorded in the state. That represents only about 0.082% of all vaccinated Hoosiers.

Vaccination rates remain low among younger populations, but those 65 and older are vaccinated at rates above 70%, nearing 80% for some age groups.

All four counties saw fewer than 20 new cases this past week as testing has dropped and positivity remains low.

Noble County logged 17 new cases, Steuben County had 15 cases, DeKalb County 13 and LaGrange County just two.

Steuben County passed 4,000 cases all-time, now sitting at 4,001 residents who have tested for positive since March 2020. The lowest is LaGrange at 2,730. DeKalb County is at 4,398 then Noble County leads the area at 5,814.

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