Daily update Oct. 21

Cases continued to rise around northeast Indiana as the state hit the highest mark ever for a Wednesday in new COVID-19 cases. This week’s numbers have tracked very closely to last week’s figures.

INDIANAPOLIS — As the week goes on, Indiana’s COVID-19 picture is tracking very closely to last week’s record-setting week.

Cases rose again, hospitalizations keep ticking up and deaths remain higher, the same story that’s been in play for pretty much of all October.

In Wednesday’s daily report from the Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana added 1,732 new cases of COVID-19, the highest total ever for a Wednesday.

It’s significantly higher than last week’s Wednesday total of 1,165, which was an outlier mid-week drop on a day with reduced testing figures, although the state warned that they were having a glitch in their reporting system which may have accounted for that one-day low.

The previous biggest Wednesday total ever was Oct. 7, when cases were at 1,281, about 450 lower than this week’s total.

Case counts this week, with the exception of Wednesday, have been tracking nearly identical to last week’s numbers, when the state topped 2,000 cases for the first time ever on Friday and almost hit 2,500 on Saturday.

The state recorded 15 deaths on Wednesday, which is down from 48 deaths reported Tuesday, the highest since May, and a little lower than the October monthly average, which sits at about 18 deaths per day.

Hospitalizations, which have been in steady incline since late September are still rising, hitting 1,484 total patients hospitalized across the state as of Tuesday. That’s the highest total since May 5, when 1,490 were admitted for COVID-19 treatment.

The hospital census is likely to stay high, as the average COVID-19 hospital stay in Indiana is around 14 days. New daily admissions are down off a peak of 145 new admits on Oct. 9, but are hovering around 125 patients per day, more than double the admission rate seen in early September when the state was seeing improvement in coronavirus activity.

Locally, three of four counties again posted double-digit new case counts on Wednesday.

Noble and Steuben counties each added 11 new cases, while LaGrange County added 10. DeKalb County added five.

LaGrange, Steuben and DeKalb counties all received orange ratings from the state this week for moderate to high spread of the virus, while Noble County stayed in the yellow but just barely based on the state’s scoring criteria.

No new deaths were reported in the four-county area on Wednesday. Noble County remains at 33 all time, followed by LaGrange County at 15, DeKalb County at 11 and Steuben County at eight.

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