Daily update Nov. 25

DeKalb County recorded two new COVID-19 deaths and LaGrange County had one as the region continue to see rising case counts.

INDIANAPOLIS — A day after having no new deaths reported across the four-county area, DeKalb and LaGrange counties had three new deaths in Wednesday’s statewide tally.

The two deaths in DeKalb County takes it to 31 overall, while the one death in LaGrange County is its 30th overall.

The four-county area has now combined for 53 deaths in the last 35 days.

DeKalb County logged two more deaths, which occurred on Sunday and Tuesday, according to the state report. Both of those deceased were people 80 years old or older.

DeKalb County has had 20 deaths overall since Oct. 21 including seven in the last seven days.

To date, DeKalb County has had three deaths among people in their 60s, nine deaths of patients in their 70s and 19 deaths at the 80-plus age grouping.

LaGrange County’s new death also occurred on Tuesday and was also a person 80 years old or older.

LaGrange County has had 15 deaths since Halloween, including six in the past seven days.

To date, LaGrange County has had one death among people in their 50s, three deaths among people in their 60s, 13 among people in their 70s and 13 people who were 80 or older.

The state logged 63 deaths total on Wednesday, which followed a record-high 102 deaths reported on Tuesday.

Death numbers in Indiana are running double what they were in October, sitting at an average of 45 per day this month compared to 22 per day average in October and 11 per day average in September.

Deaths are likely to stay high as statewide hospitalizations remain at record-high levels, hitting 3,363 total patients in treatment for COVID-19 across the state. The hospital census has risen and hit new highs all but three days in November as more patients pile into hospital beds and strain the health care system’s capacity to treat.

On Wednesday, the state logged 5,983 new cases of COVID-19, a number similar to the last two days and nearly identical to where case counts were at this time last week.

Indiana has seen case counts level off a bit over the last few days, but whether that holds will take time to tell.

The statewide data is likely to be impacted by the Thanksgiving holiday as testing sites and labs are likely to shutter, which will result in lower returns for the next several days that will drag down the seven-day average.

Health officials are concerned that following the holiday cases may rise even higher than they have already been as the coronavirus may have ample opportunity to chain among family units if people choose to gather for Thanksgiving dinner this week.

Locally, case counts continued to rise sharply on the last day before Thanksgiving.

Noble County passed 2,500 cases all-time on Wednesday, adding 52 more to go to 2,550 overall. DeKalb County also added 50 new cases on Wednesday, Steuben County increased 36 cases and LaGrange County was up 25.

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