Daily update May 27

New cases of COVID-19 were under 400 for the third day in a row, a streak not seen since late March when testing was still highly limited. An expected spike in cases as the state has reopened hasn’t happened to date.

INDIANAPOLIS — For the sixth day in a row, Indiana has logged less than 500 new cases of COVID-19.

And for the last three days, that number has been sub-400.

Even as Indiana opens more and more due on its five-step “Back on Track” plan, a spike in cases that health officials warned is possible hasn’t materialized.

As of Wednesday’s statewide report from the Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana added 359 new cases on about 4,600 tests processed.

That’s three straight days of sub-400 case counts after posting 339 and 363 the two days prior. Indiana hasn’t seen sustained numbers like that — even over a span as short as three consecutive days — since back at the end of March, when the state was in a stay-at-home mode and the state was struggling to test more than 2,000 people per day.

Local cases counts ticked up slightly. Noble County increased three cases to 192 overall, while LaGrange County was up two to 62 total and DeKalb County also increased two to 33 total.

Steuben County was unchanged from the day prior sitting at 80 cases to date, with county health officials announcing Tuesday that just over 60 of those patients had recovered to date.

The state also recorded 21 new deaths as of Wednesday, which is up a little compared to recent days but still below the average of what Indiana was logging in the weeks prior.

Locally, no counties added new deaths after Noble County recorded its 21st on Tuesday. LaGrange and Steuben counties remain at two deaths each while DeKalb county has had only one.

Noble County has battled outbreaks at two nursing homes over the last two months, with the long-term care facilities accounting for most of the county’s case count and death toll. On Wednesday, the Noble County Health Department also confirmed that a third nursing home had its first case, although the patient had been transferred out and no other cases are known at this time.

Testing statewide has lulled a bit over the last few days — likely attributable to the Memorial Day weekend — with about 4,500 tests processed each day for the last two days. Indiana has been testing at higher levels than that recently, averaging about 5,200 per day for the month of May.

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