Weekly update July 12

Noble and Steuben counties each logged on additional COVID-19 death as case activity continues to tick up slightly across Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS — COVID-19 activity has continued to tick up slowly, and Noble and Steuben counties both recorded new deaths.

Total case, hospitalization and death numbers are still relatively mild, but they’ve been increasing over the last few weeks from record lows hit in June.

Locally, two counties each recorded one new death attributable to COVID-19, both updated to their county totals this week.

For Noble County, its 90th death all-time occurred on July 5 and was a person 80 years old or older, according to demographic information from the state.

To date in Noble County, one death has been among a resident in the 40s, five were people in their 50s, nine people in their 60s, 22 people in their 70s and 53 at 80 or older.

It’s the second death in as many weeks after Noble County its 89th fatality from the virus the week prior.

In Steuben County, the 60th death all-time from COVID-19 was and older death just now being tallied by the state. The death occurred on June 16, which was the first there since May 27.

The death was a person in their 50s, according to demographic information from the state.

Of the total deaths in Steuben County, one has been a person in his or her 40s, two people in their 50s, 12 have been people in their 60s, 16 deaths have been people in their 70s, and 29 deaths have been among those 80 and older.

DeKalb and LaGrange counties were unchanged, sitting at 85 and 72 deaths all-time, respectively.

Across Indiana, COVID-19 activity continues to slow tick up after all-time lows set in June, with the state seeing a large average daily case count again this week.

Indiana has logged an average of 367 cases per day over the past six days, up from 333 cases per day the week before. Positivity has risen, too, to 3.6%, which is up from the 2% range about a month ago.

Hospitalization numbers have remained fairly stable, with 399 patients in care. That’s up from lows hit last month, but hasn’t risen significantly.

Average daily deaths remain at about six per day over the last week, down a little from about seven per day a week ago, but still higher than the four per day lows hit in June.

On Friday, Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kris Box noted the slight upticks and reminded Hoosiers of the impacts that variant strains of the virus, specifically the delta variant from India that is now starting to circulate in the state, can have.

Variant strands tend to be more infectious and also hit patients harder than the original strains sequenced in 2020.

Indiana still remains just shy of 50% of its eligible population 12 and older getting fully vaccinated, with rates lower than that in all four northeast Indiana counties.

Almost all new cases of COVID-19 are occurring among unvaccinated Hoosiers, with few “breakthrough” cases identified among people who have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

Infection prevalence among vaccinated Hoosiers is currently less than 0.1%.

Since July 6, Noble County has seen 28 new cases, DeKalb County tallied 27, Steuben County added 11 cases and LaGrange County has logged just nine.

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