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New COVID-19 case counts increased by small margins in northeast Indiana and no new deaths were reported as Indiana continues to see some of its best numbers ever.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana’s COVID-19 numbers continue to look very good, with low case counts and historically low positivity rates continuing over the weekend.

Statewide hospitalizations have now also fallen back to where they were in summer 2020 as continued improvement continues on that metric, too.

On Sunday and Monday, Indiana remained under 1,000 new cases of COVID-19 both days, logging 881 and 817 new cases, respectively.

Case counts were under 1,000 for four of the seven days last week and open this week on a low note, too.

The case counts came on 32,000 and 41,000 tests, respectively, resulting in one-day positivity rates of 2.72% and 2.01%, with the latter being a new single-day record low for the state.

The state looks for positivity to stay below 5% and Indiana has achieved that for two weeks straight, with the last single-day over 5% coming back on Feb. 8.

The low cases combined with high testing numbers and low positivity all combined show strongly that COVID-19 has receded sharply across the state from where it was just two months ago when Indiana was adding thousands of cases per day and positivity had topped 15% for a stretch.

The state did log 35 deaths from COVID-19 on both Sunday and Monday, but none of those deaths occurred in the four-county area.

Total hospitalizations across the state have now dropped under 900 patients, sitting at 878 patients in care in Indiana hospitals.

That number is now below some localized high points during summer 2020. Hospitalizations topped 900 for about the first two weeks of August before falling back below and dropping throughout September, before the state saw its major surge starting in October and running through the end of 2020.

Hospitalizations hit their lowest marks of around 600 between June and September, so Indiana still has some room for improvement but the numbers being seen now could be considered “normal” for what Indiana was experiencing at times outside of its spring 2020 and end-year 2020 surges.

The number of patients in northeast Indiana has dropped to 78, firmly within what was normal for most of 2020 outside of some localized surges following Memorial Day and Fourth of July and, of course, the end of the 2020.

Locally, counties saw very little COVID-19 activity over the two-day period.

Noble County had the most new cases logged over Sunday and Monday with 11, while Steuben County logged just five cases, DeKalb County four and LaGrange County two.

Positivity rates have fallen across the area except in DeKalb County where it’s still hovering close to 10%.

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