In this October 2019 file photo volunteers take to the playground at Little Lambs Daycare to clean out old, worn down landscape fabric that has caused problems for children playing as part of the Togetherness Project. The playground is now empty as the daycare was closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

ANGOLA — Add childcare centers to the growing lists of places closing because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Several centers in Steuben County have announced they are closing for a couple of weeks to help combat the spread of the virus that has quickly shut down much of the state.

Others remain open, however, doing what they can to help keep children safe and occupied while schools are closed due to the virus.

Heaven Sent Daycare and Preschool, Angola, said Friday it would be closed until at least April 6 in a post on the center’s Facebook page.

Wee Creations Preschool and Daycare, Fremont, has also closed for a time to keep staff and students healthy.

Little Lambs Daycare, Fremont, sent an email Saturday to parents letting them know the board had decided to close.

“As of right now our plan is to be closed for the next two weeks and our board of directors will hold a meeting on April 4 to discuss and see what further action should be taken, if any,” said the letter sent by Amber Hukill, director at the center. “We will send a letter on April 4 after a decision has been made.”

As there has been no mandatory shutdown as of yet for childcare centers, some do remain open.

Kingdom Kids, Hamilton, has said on Facebook it plans to stay open unless there is a mandatory shutdown or someone connected to the center contracts COVID-19.

Plum Childcare Ministry, Pleasant Lake, is currently open as well. Staff and students, according to a post on Facebook for the daycare, are being checked for fevers at the door. As of the post Thursday, the plan was to stay open unless mandated to close.

Nimbus Haus, a volunteer art program in Seattle, Washington, has several ideas for activities to do with children, school age or not, while spending time at home during the outbreak.

Some of the ideas are as follows:

• Create a virtual vacation. Answer the questions what will I do, where will I eat, what sounds will I hear and look up pictures and paint, draw or tell the story of the trip you would take.

• Invent a new animal and draw it.

• Imagine your future. What job will you have, where will you live and what problems will you solve are just some of the questions kids can answer. Draw scenes from a day in that future life.

• Design and draw your own city or business, or both.

Any additions or changes for Steuben County childcare providers will be updated in the online version of this story.

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