LIGONIER — Progressing on drainage separation? Check. Continuing to social distance? Check.

The Ligonier board of works met over the phone Wednesday with one main item on the agenda — to approve the grant administrator for the city’s OCRA grant.

The grant, which was awarded in January, will provide 75% of the $600,000 Ligonier needed to repair its drainage.

The board unanimously approved the grant administration agreement between them and Priority Project Resources.

City Attorney Steve Clouse said he was satisfied with the agreement and Priority Project Resources’ Shannon McLeod for working to edit it with the city.

“I had asked Shannon to make some clarifications in the contract,” Clouse said. “She made all the requests I had asked for.”

Fisel added that surveyors for the drainage project are essential personnel and required to work through the stay at home order.

“If we don’t allow the survey workers to work, we don’t meet the deadline for our grant,” Fisel said.

Later, Building and Zoning Administrator Earle Franklin said he had issued two more building permits for the developing Park Meadow neighborhood.

The board also chatted about the meeting being over the phone and how that format was new to all of them.

“I never thought I’d be sitting in my living room with my feet up on the chair doing this for a board of works meeting,” Fisel joked.

They also commended Clerk-Treasurer Barb Hawn for her work getting the call set up for everyone.

The next board of works meeting is scheduled for April 8.

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