LIGONIER — Fewer than 1-in-3 residents in western Noble County are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, making it the least-vaccinated portion of the county.

None of four ZIP codes covering western portions of the county have eclipsed 33% of their population 12 and older hitting full vaccination, trailing behind Noble County’s overall.

Noble County as a whole isn’t doing much better at just 32.5% of its total population vaccinated, but west-side ZIP codes are even lower.

The Kimmell 46760 ZIP code along the U.S. 33 corridor is the best of the four at 32.3% as of Tuesday afternoon, while the other three are all below 30%. Ligonier’s 46767 ZIP sits at 29.6%, the Cromwell area 46732 sits at 25.9% and the Wawaka area 46794 is at just 24.6%, the worst among ZIP codes in Noble County.

Vaccination rates among populations in central and eastern Noble County are all above 33%, with the Rome City area’s 46784 over 40%.

The low vaccination come despite west-side areas being among some of the harder hit parts of the county during the pandemic. The Ligonier ZIP code had the highest percentage of its population in Noble County contract COVID-19 at almost 14%, while others sat around 10% known case rate.

Demographics may play some role in lagging vaccination rates, as Hispanic Hoosiers have been under-represented in vaccine numbers compared to their share of the total population, with just about 4.6% of shots going to people who identify as Hispanic compared to making up about 6.2% of the total population.

Noble County’s vaccine clinic at the Noble County Public Library Branch in Albion does have Spanish translation services available and the state registration portal at can be switched to Spanish to help assist Hoosiers who don’t read English well.

The Noble County Health Department has also focused on bringing vaccines to large employers as a way to get vaccines to workers who may not have a convenient opportunity to get their shots around their work and home schedule. One such shot clinic was held at Tenneco in Ligonier in an effort to get more workers vaccinated there.

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