Daily update Feb. 20

No new deaths were reported in the four-county area as counties continue to have low increases in new COVID-19 case counts.

INDIANAPOLIS — Statewide COVID-19 cases ticked up slightly on Saturday compared to past days, but positivity is still holding below 5% even after rising slightly.

No new deaths were reported in the four-county area, which has seen little impact so far in the month of February.

On Saturday, Indiana logged 1,415 new cases of COVID-19, the highest one-day amount this week and slightly above last Saturday’s of 1,232. It’s the only day this week that cases have run higher than their same-day comparison the week before.

But even though cases were up a bit, positivity still remained low at 3.66%. That’s also up compared to recent days, but remaining below the 5% benchmark. Positivity was below 5% all seven days over the past week.

The state recorded 14 deaths on Saturday, below average for the month as Indiana has averaged approximately 40 deaths per day.

Statewide hospitalizations dropped again to 923 total patients across the state, the lowest since Oct. 2.

Hospitalizations have dropped 43% since the start of the month, with total patient counts falling more than 700 patients since Feb. 1.

Locally, case counts continue to run at low levels, with most counties seeing only a handful of new cases.

Noble County had the biggest increase of the day, totaling 16 new cases, followed by Steuben County with nine new cases, DeKalb County with eight cases and LaGrange County with three cases.

Across the last week, all four counties saw fewer than 100 cases on the week.

DeKalb County increased 70 cases on the week, followed by Noble County with 67 cases on the week, Steuben County added 45 cases and LaGrange County had just 15 new cases.

Those numbers are similar to a week ago. DeKalb County had 19 fewer cases compared to a week ago, Noble County posted the same number, Steuben County was down six cases and LaGrange County had one additional case compared to a week ago.

LaGrange County fell to a blue rating for COVID-19 spread, the best rating representing low spread, while Noble County fell to yellow rating. Steuben and DeKalb County sit in orange ratings for high spread.

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