If you’re not registered to vote by the end of the day Monday, you’ll be spending Election Day 2020 on the sidelines.

Voter registration for the 2020 general election closes on Monday, so unregistered votes must get their applications filed before midnight if they want to be able to vote this fall.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know 2020 contains a presidential election, which always brings out the biggest turnout of voters compared to any other election cycle.

But 2020 also has other important races including Indiana governor and Indiana attorney general, northeast Indiana’s 3rd District representative to the U.S. House, local state representatives and senators, county government positions and many school board seats, too.

You’ll find contests at the federal and state levels and also several contests for area school board races, which are non-partisan positions.

Most county-level positions in the four-county area are not contested this year, as the Republican-dominated political landscape turns up few Democratic challengers in November.

If you’ve never registered before or if you’re a youngster heading into his or her first election, Indiana closes registration a month before Election Day, meaning you have to sign up now in order to be eligible to vote.

For others, if you’ve moved from one county or another you’ll need to update your voter registration in your new county of residence. And if you’ve moved within the county, even if you’ve just moved a short distance across town, you’ll want to update your voter registration to reflect your current address, therefore ensuring you get the right ballot with the relevant races to your property.

New registrations and updates to your voter registration can all be done online at indianavoters.in.gov.

If you’re not computer savvy or would rather do it in person, voter registrations can be filled out at your county clerks’ office.

Early voting in Indiana starts the next day after registration closes, with people able to cast absentee ballots at polling sites starting Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Early voting is also available the two Saturdays prior to Election Day and counties may also offer additional polling opportunities at different locations in the weeks prior.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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