U.S. Rep. Jim Banks and Dr. Chris Magiera are seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in Tuesday’s primary election.

The winner will run in the November election for the 3rd District seat in Congress. The district includes Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Jay, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Wells and Whitley counties and portions of Blackford and Kosciusko counties.

The Republican nominee will oppose the Democratic nominee in November. The Democratic primary candidates are Chip Coldiron, Jean-Paul B. Kalonji, Carlos Marcano Jr. and Thomas Schrader.

Federal Election Commission reports show that as of May 13, Banks had raised $737,241 for his campaign and spent $523,147. Magiera had raised $260,895, of which $260,000 came as a loan from Magiera to his campaign, and spent $254,147.

Profiles of Banks and Magiera are derived from information on their websites, news reports and Magiera’s interviews with the website vote411.

Jim Banks

Banks is a native and resident of Columbia City. He was elected to Congress in 2016 and won re-election in 2018. He previously served on the Whitley County Council from 2008-2010 and in the Indiana State Senate from 2010-2016.

He serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve as a Supply Corps officer. In 2014 and 2015, he took a leave of absence from the Indiana Senate to deploy to Afghanistan.

Banks’ campaign website describes him as a “proven conservative leader who has … worked tirelessly to rebuild our military and secure better care for our veterans, cut taxes and grow our economy, protect the right to life and defend our religious liberty.

It also describes Banks as “one of President Donald Trump’s biggest House allies.”

In Bank’s committee assignments, it says, “Banks has not only kept his promises to strengthen the economy, rebuild our military and care for our nation’s heroes, but he has worked alongside President Trump to roll back some of the most egregious and burdensome Obama-era rules and regulations.”

The site says Banks has a “pro-life, pro-family voting record,” champions small businesses, is dedicated to economic freedom and personal liberty, and has “continually earned an A rating from the National Rifle Association for his unwavering defense of the Second Amendment.”

The Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus of conservatives in Congress, named Banks chairman of its Budget & Spending Task Force.

News reports this week said Banks will run for chairman of the Republican Study Committee. With 150 members, it is described as the largest Republican caucus in Congress.

In a letter announcing he is a candidate for chairman, Banks wrote, “With President Trump’s re-election and the real possibility of winning back the majority, we will have an exciting two years to advance many of the important causes we care most deeply about as conservatives: addressing our national debt, advancing free-market health reforms, protecting our religious liberties and passing stricter policies to crack down on illegal immigration, to name a few.”

Dr. Chris Magiera

Magiera lives in Warsaw and is a gastroenterologist. His website says he is a fourth-generation Hoosier from South Bend who lived in seven states before returning to Indiana in 2012.

The opening page of his website carries the slogan, “Reclaim your God-given natural rights and liberties.” The site lists his priorities as: protect all citizen liberties; prevent government overreach; and preserve state sovereignty.

“As a Republican constitutionalist, Dr. Chris Magiera is dedicated to restoring the intent of the Founders. This means advocating for federal government restraint and returning power to the citizens and states,” site says.

It adds that Magiera “understands that many Americans distrust the federal government.” It says he is “committed to defending the Constitution and restoring power, liberties, and freedoms to the citizens of these United States.”

Diving deeper into issues, his site says, “The current invasion along our southern border is a violation of the Law of Nations.” It adds, “To date, Congress has failed to do its part in securing the border appropriately.” It says Magiera “will work to protect American jobs, resources, and families. He’ll vote for legislation aimed at ending illegal immigration and helping Congress acquire funds to secure the border by constructing a wall and enhancing border patrol.”

Magiera pledges he will protect the Second Amendment, saying, “Legislation that limits gun ownership for civilians and veterans infringes upon the God-given Natural Right of every citizen to be secure.”

Magiera also promises he never will vote for pro-abortion legislation. He adds, “Other pro-life candidates for Congress may vote for legislation that doesn’t protect all human life when it’s a part of other bills that benefit their individual interests.”

Answering questions from the website Vote411, Magiera said he favors repealing the constitutional amendments that enable federal income taxes and allow for popular election of U.S. senators.

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