Rep. Jim Banks speaks

U.S. Rep. Jim Banks, R-3rd, was the main speaker at Oct. 27’s Northeast Indiana Manufacturing Awards hosted by KPC Media Group in Fort Wayne.

Northeast Indiana Rep. Jim Banks is heading back to Washington D.C. for his third term.

Banks, R-Columbia City, cruised to victory Tuesday for the 3rd District congressional race over Democrat Chip Coldiron.

Indiana’s 3rd district is one of the state’s most solidly conservative and Banks rode that base to his third easy win.

Banks issued the following statement after being declared the winner Tuesday night:

“It has been an honor to be your representative in Washington the last four years, and it is a privilege to be sent back and continue our mission of being a conservative fighter for Hoosiers for another two. The next two years will be critical for our nation, and I promise to be your conservative fighter in Washington working to stop the insane agenda of the radical Left that would reshape our country permanently for the worse. Tonight’s victory belongs to the voters, and all of the people I serve,” Banks said.

“Members of the radical Left want to strip you of your religious freedom, censor you on social media, raise your taxes to pay for their socialist agenda, waste your hard earned tax dollars, and, on top of it all, they want to defund the troops and law enforcement agents that keep you safe. That’s why I’m running for chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in Congress, to champion conservative, Hoosier values and ensure our rights remain protected. But I can’t do this alone and hope Hoosiers will continue to stand with me to protect our country and the values which make it great,” he said.

Banks came into office in 2016 winning with 70% of the vote in a three-person race against a Democrat who didn’t get his party’s support and a Libertarian. In 2018, Banks faced a much more substantial challenge from Democrat Courtney Tritch, who was well-funded and campaigned widely, but ultimately didn’t move the needle much as Banks still rolled 65% to 35%.

Banks was heavily favored to win, with numerous forecasts showing him a lock to retain his seat, and those predictions came to fruition.

On Tuesday, Indiana’s 3rd was one of the first races called on the national scene.

As he heads back to Congress, Banks is looking to ascend to a leadership position within the GOP caucus — which will still be in the minority as Democrats are forecast to retain the majority in the House of Representatives.

Banks is unopposed to become chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in the House with approximately 150 members.

“It’s really an opportunity for me to take a leadership position and represent the conservative values of our district on a national level and take more of a national role advocating for conservative principles of balancing the budget, fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, keeping taxes low and fighting for the American way of life,” Banks said in October.

One of the top accomplishments of the Republican Study Committee is a budget proposal. Past budgets, in which Banks has taken part in forming, have aimed to balance the budget by including cuts to programs but also reducing costs of large social programs by increasing the eligibility age for things like Social Security and Medicare.

Since joining Congress, Banks has also frequently turned his attention toward issues regarding China, touting efforts including blocking Chinese firms from expanding into the American wireless networking market and taking hawkish approaches on Chinese-owned tech companies operating in America, citing possible surveillance concerns from the Communist-run regime.

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