Sue is one of the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons. It is housed at the Chicago Field Museum. A cast of the famous dinosaur will be sent to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis for a five-month display next year.

INDIANAPOLIS — A world famous T. rex named Sue and a rambunctious teenage T. rex named Bucky will be part of a T. rex celebration at the world’s largest children’s museum in 2021.

The Field Museum in Chicago is sending a cast of Sue — one of the largest, most complete, and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever unearthed — on a mini vacation to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. At more than 40 feet long and 13 feet high, Sue is remarkable because of its size, completeness, and quality of preservation, said a news release. The full-sized cast of Sue’s skeleton will be on display at the children's museum March 6 through July 25.

"Bucky, the teenage T. rex, was roaring up a storm when he heard the news," said the news release. Bucky is the first teenage T. rex put on permanent display in a museum. He’s also the first T. rex to be identified with a furcula, or collar bone. Bucky was named after the young rancher and rodeo cowboy Bucky Derflinger who discovered Bucky in 1998.

Sue was discovered by and named for Sue Hendrickson in 1990. Hendrickson, who was on a commercial excavation trip north of Faith, South Dakota, spotted a few large vertebrae jutting out of an eroded bluff and followed her hunch that there were more beneath the surface, says the Field Museum's web site. It took six people 17 days to extract the dinosaur’s bones.

"This specimen has been invaluable to the paleontological community since its discovery," says the web site.

Dating back to the Cretaceous period — about 67 million years ago — this massive predator lived to the upper end of the life expectancy of a T. rex, about 28 years. Scientists made this determination from growth rings on the bones.

Scientists also determined that Sue had an adolescent growth spurt — gaining as much as 4.5 pounds per day — and reached full size at age 19.

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