It’s the Waddles’ first time decorating for Christmas in their new home.

Their labor of love was blessed Monday with two really big presents: $500 on their behalf to Noble Transit Service and $500 for themselves.

Noble Transit, affiliated with the Noble County Council on Aging, is a public transportation agency serving Noble County. Most of its vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

“We chose Noble Transit because they played a big part in my family’s life when my grandpa was going through dialysis and stroke recovery,” said David Waddles. “They always went above and beyond and we want them to know they are appreciated for all the hard work they do.”

New homeowners, David and Jeanette (Campos) Waddles, 310 Iddings St., Kendallville, did not know about Hosler Realty’s fifth annual spirit of Christmas lighting contest until a friend urged them to enter.

“We had so much fun putting up the decorations and lights so we thought why not give it a try. We didn’t really have a theme. We just wanted a bunch of lights and more lights! Christmas can never be too sparkly! We plan to add new decorations to our home each year. We already have some ideas for next year,” said Jeanette Waddles.

With more than 2,000 votes cast, their home won the popular vote, by about 60 votes, said Jennifer Streich, co-owner of Hosler Realty with Joe Sells.

David Waddles was born and raised in Kendallville. Jeanette Waddles moved from California with her family and has lived here for 15 years.

David Waddles is employed at Group Dekko in Avilla and Jeanette Waddles works at Campbell & Fetter Bank in Kendallville.

“As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and bring our families together, Christmas is by far our favorite time of the year,” said Jeanette Waddles. “It fills our hearts with joy to see generosity in others as they care for one another.”

“This is our first true Christmas in our new home,” said David Waddles. “My wife and I love Christmas and the magic that it brings.”

He added, “We would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for our home! Merry Christmas!”

“I think it’s nice they are keeping (the $500 donation) local,” said Streich. “That’s what Hosler Realty is all about — a locally-owned, family-owned and operated company.”

In previous years, it was a four-county contest but Streich said with all the ups and downs of this year and because Hosler’s roots are in Noble County, they decided to make it a Noble County contest.

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