Tiffany Parks and family

Tiffany Parks is surrounded by family including the two girls — Maimounata and Hadja — they had at the same time during the summer of 2018. John and Tiffany Parks and family have been hosting with Children’s Medical Mission West for three years.

ROME CITY — Children in other nations with major health problems that cannot be treated in their own country will be aided by a fundraiser to support Children’s Medical Mission West.

The event will be Friday, Feb. 7, at Sylvan Cellars, 2725 E. Northport Road, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The fundraiser for the nonprofit Christian organization based in Ohio will include an hors d’oeuvres buffet, a dessert bar, a silent auction and live music featuring the northeast Indiana band, Ain’t Your Mama.

Tickets are $30 per person or $200 for a table.

For reservations, please contact Tiffany Parks at

John and Tiffany Parks and family have been hosting with Children’s Medical Mission West for three years.

“My cousin hosted a little boy from China that had cleft lip and palate,” Tiffany Parks said. “After watching her experience we decided we wanted to give it a try. After our first personal kid hosting, we were hooked! To think these parents love their children so much that they send them half way across the world to complete strangers to better their child’s life is amazing to me.”

The Parks have hosted five children with CMM West: Alimata, 3, leg lengthening; Therese, 2, club feet; Hadja, 5, leg amputation; Maimounata, 8, leg straightening surgery; and Anna, 7, for recovery of severe burns.

Hadja returned once for adjustments to her prosthetic. Therese was scheduled to return to the Parks family on Jan. 30 for more club feet treatment.

“All five (of the children we have hosted) happen to be from Burkina Faso,” Tiffany Parks said. “However, CMM West helps children from all over the world.”

Two of the medical children will be at the Feb. 7 fundraiser.

Tiffany Parks said others in this area who have hosted medical children are Kyle and Kari Bailey and family, Jeremy and Amy Spidel and family and Ryan and Carrie VanGessel and family.

Donations can be sent to Children’s Medical Mission West, 15595 Waynesfield Road, Waynesfield, OH 45896 or made through the Children’s Medical Mission West website:

“We have many children who need care and are ready to come,” the CMM West website states. “This takes a lot of money for plane tickets. Please sponsor a child by helping buy their tickets.”

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