Chocolate bombs took the baking world by storm in 2020. And the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Maybe it was because 2020 was a hard year for everyone and people needed a little joy. Maybe it was because home baking became a hobby for many newbies, and everyone was feeling confident about their creative skills. Or maybe it’s just because those viral videos of hot milk being poured over big chocolate spheres were so fun to watch.

Whatever the case, the chocolate bomb has been trending since fall. There are videos that have gone viral. There are Facebook groups dedicated to them. Many bakeries have jumped on the bandwagon and began selling them. And many at-home bakers are trying their luck with some chocolate, a mold and some marshmallows.

So, what is a chocolate bomb?

A chocolate bomb is generally a sphere-shaped ball of chocolate, or candy coating, filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. Pour piping hot water or milk over the sphere and watch it dissolve, opening up and oozing out its insides, creating a cup of perfect hot cocoa. Some people are using peppermint or candy crunches in the middle. Soft or dehydrated marshmallows are popular. Cocoa mix can be a pre-made bought mix, or for more serious bakers — a homemade mix.

As a Country Kitchen SweetArt employee, I saw first-hand the rush to create this new trend. Country Kitchen SweetArt is a baking store in Fort Wayne, and offers numerous molds, chocolate and candy coating options, and marshmallows. A large percentage of our customers have been asking since fall how to make this item.

And now that Valentine’s Day is almost here, a similar trend — breakable hearts — has arrived. Essentially a heart is molded from chocolate, filled with various candy, or cakepop or brownies, then given to a recipient with a mallet, so they can break it open to see what’s inside. Many other shapes are available too.

Loving to be creative myself, and wanting to be a knowledgeable employee, I have made my own cocoa bombs a few times and the breakable hearts. It’s really not hard, although some learning is necessary.

I used chocolate candy coating. You just heat it in the microwave in intervals of 30 seconds before pouring it in the mold.

Real chocolate requires a process called tempering, which involves bringing it to certain temperatures and adding more chocolate as you go. I would recommend the chocolate candy coating for beginners as real chocolate is much more fickle as it can seize, wrecking it and causing you to have to start over.

Read the cutlines by the photos for the process and some helpful tips.

And if you can’t nail it in time Valentine’s Day, some breakable eggs or bunnies will surely delight some kids at Easter time.

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