PlanToys puzzle

A PlanToys puzzle for toddlers keeps Carsen Hoos, 1, Fremont, entertained while sitting in his high chair in his home dining room. He is the son of Herald Republican reporter Ashlee Hoos.

Numerous children’s toy companies use plastic as the main component of the toys they produce.

And quickly, as toys are often fad items that don’t last long, those toys end up sitting broken in a landfill because the plastic can’t be recycled easily and the parents just want the no-longer-played-with toy out of their house.

But there are companies out there, such as PlanToys, designing a more sustainability-friendly toy that’s still fun for children of all ages to enjoy.

PlanToys started out as a mission to infuse the world with positive vibes. The company primarily focuses on wooden toys made of reclaimed rubber wood.

Once the rubberwood trees no longer produce natural rubber latex, PlanToys brings them to their workplace where everything from the trunk to the sawdust is used in producing toys.

Each tree is on a plantation located 19 miles, give or take a little, from the manufacturing plant in Trang, Thailand. It takes each tree roughly 25 years to stop producing latex before it is turned into useful children’s toys and products by PlanToys.

No fertilizer is applied to the trees for three years prior to cutting them down to use for toys.

According to, surplus wood that isn’t used for toys is put to use in a biomass generator to create energy for the facility.

Pigments used to add color to the toys are organic and the glue used in some of the toys created is non-formaldehyde glue.

PlanToys at minimum meet the American Society for Testing Materials American safety regulations and European EN71 safety regulations.

PlanToys also uses recyclable packaging, typically cardboard, for its toys instead of plastics that aren’t always recyclable.

A selection of these toys are available to purchase in Fort Wayne at Grassroots Baby, 1615 W. Coliseum Boulevard, Unit B.

The store is a small, family-owned shop operated by Stephanie Smith. She and her husband, Matt, both studied at Trine University, Angola.

Both had a passion for parenting, sustainability and small business and with a little brainstorming, the store was born.

Many of the products, including PlanToys, are eco-friendly, sustainably sourced and all natural or naturally based.

PlanToys line of products includes small toys like dinosaur cars and figurines, puzzles, and bath toys as well as larger items such as tables, rocking horses and more.

Visit for the complete line and visit Grassroots Baby in person or online, for the selection available closer to home.

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