The following children were born at the New Eden Care Center recently:

Lyndon James, a boy, born Aug. 22 to Elmer and Mary Edna (Miller) Schrock, Millersburg.

Kathy, a girl, born Aug. 22 to Jessie and Laura (Yoder) Troyer, LaGrange.

Kara Jolyn, a girl, born Aug. 25 to Rudy and Veld (Kuhns) Miller, Middlebury.

Mari Jo, a girl, born Aug. 24 to David and Emma (Yoder) Lehman, Shipshewana.

Brian James, a boy, was born Aug. 26 to Lamar and Nadine (Miller) Hochstetler, Middlebury.

Jeslyn Brielle, a girl, born Aug. 16 to Jeremy and Deann (Miller) Yoder, Millersburg.

Micah Seth, a boy, was born to Jesse and Norma (Lambright) otto, Topeka.

Adam Cole, a boy, was born Aug. 19 to Leonard and Doreen (Troyer) Yoder.

Malia Beth, a girl, was born Aug. 20 to Nathan and Kayla (Bontrager) Mullet, Middlebury.

Luke Devon, a boy, was born Aug. 21 to Noah and Mary Etta (Miller) Fry, Wolcottville.

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