“Even the wilderness and desert will rejoice in those days; the desert will blossom with flowers. Yes, there will be an abundance of flowers and singing and joy! The desert will become as green as the Lebanon mountains, as lovely as Mount Carmel’s pastures and Sharon’s meadows; for the Lord will display his glory there, the excellency of our God. Isaiah 35:1-2

Gazing out my window, I see the daffodils poking their little buds above the ground on their slender tall foliage. How beautiful to see the crocus with their buds in full yellow and purple bloom. Even though the “white snowdrops” that top their blooms look quite lovely, like drops of frosting placed upon them, it is not what I like to see this time of year. However, God protects them as He protects us.

As we approach Easter Sunday, we are reminded of the beauty that God has given to us. When we look around our landscape and see the budding flowers, the soft fuzzy-looking buds on some of the bushes and trees we are reminded of His love.

The greatest gift God gave to us was His son, Jesus, to save us from our sins. He died on the cross to save you and me — think about this gift of love and the suffering our Jesus went through, just for you and me, all mankind!

With the renewal of life, each spring, we see God’s gifts to us. He shows us how it is possible to “die” and be reborn again, like our gardens that come, once again, to life. What more proof do we need than that? Let us look and let our faith hold fast to that promise God gave to us.

Thinking about faith, we should remember how much God loves us as Jesus told us, “Do not worry about tomorrow, God will take care of your tomorrow too. Live one day at a time,” Matthew 6:34, then that is what we need to do. May we all slow down and spend some time just living a moment of peace and hope within our “gardens” God gave to us. Our gardens are all around about us ... just look out your window ... and really see the wonder of God’s love.

As we all look forward to Easter Sunday to celebrate the risen Lord and see and hear the “answers” God has given us about a new home in heaven, let us truly pray in thanksgiving.

We are filled with sin, we repent, but we seem to repeatedly fall right down into the “mud,” in our gardens of life. We need to lift ourselves up from that “mud” and fill up our souls with all the love, beauty, hope and new beginnings, that we see about us. We can do just that by “talking” with God daily and listening for the holy spirt and reading, daily, Jesus’ words.

To see the beauty, we must have faith, believe and act and do as God asks of us. We must believe in Him, we must talk to Him and we must have that strong faith that keeps us rooted “in the good soil” He provides for us.

May all of us really “see” the beauty of this earthly life knowing that the Holy Spirit is with us on our journey. We need to stop and smell the flowers, drink in their aromas, and feel God’s love.

May God bless you and your families and any animal companions you may have.

Leigh Moran of Fort Wayne has had wonderful, painful, frightening and uplifting experiences, centered around her relationship with God, that she shares in her writings. She has seen what faith can do for each of us. She and her husband have three children and three granddaughters. A former teacher and a social worker, she is a 12-year breast cancer survivor. She has a ministry for cancer patients in Indiana and Nashville, Tennessee.

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