Leigh Moran

Leigh Moran

“What is faith?” It is a total dependence on God and willingness to do His will. It is not something we use to put on a show for others. It is complete and humble obedience to God’s will, readiness to whatever he calls us to do.

(Explanation at the bottom of page 1,519, from the Life Application Bible, of Luke 6)

For many years now I have been trying to walk the life of faith. I talk to God a lot, and I try to listen.

Over time I have become concerned because when I go out I usually have someone say something to me that is very uplifting. In return I try to do the same and a lot of the times I ask peoples’ names and put them on my prayer list, which I definitely do.

There for a while I was getting concerned because every time I would go out, to this or that place, someone would stop me and say “something.” Strange things, “Like, you must be someone special;” “You are the star of ___ today;” “You are an angel;” “You, I know are famous;” “You look so pretty;” on and on it went.

The one that really amazed me was a young boy, about 12, who came up to me, at a big-box store and said, “You are somebody, aren’t you?” I said, “No, no one special.” He said, “Yes, you are!” Then the father spoke a few words and it was really uplifting. I finally said, “Well, I have a somewhat famous son, who is a singer out of Nashville, Tennessee.”

The man asked, “Who is he?”

“You probably have never heard of him unless you follow Rock-a-Billy music.” I then told him his name.

The father said, “I know him, he is great!” So this gave me a chance to say a bit about my son’s faith that possibly no one really thinks about much.

I have gone to my son’s show in Nashville and other places and had folks come up to me; one might have even been an angel, himself, by the experience I had on the sidewalk outside a bar, in Nashville, listening to a couple of young men confide their heart to me.

This was a surreal experience. Along with all the music coming from various bars and the traffic and the smelly garbage cans that sit outside the bars, conversing about Jesus, faith and their innermost feelings left me feeling like I was truly serving God and loving every minute of these conversations.

I have been in situations where I have been rather down-hearted, rejected, or some other uncomfortable time and God has sent folks to me, to help me! However, those folks, came to me, by what they said to me, seeking my help, my take on faith, life and etc.

So, by being totally dependent on God to “HELP” me, He in the long run helped me help someone else.

My faith is strong, but I, too, fall down into the depths of sorrow when life overwhelms. That is when I must hold on to my faith in our all-powerful God.

So, I will continue to go out among my brothers and sisters and try and do as God calls me to do. I pray my faith will only grow stronger and stronger.

I pray that each of you will go out with a smile on your face, being open to folks approaching you, and listening, conversing, and spreading the faith in your hearts and souls. It is amazing the folks you will meet and you never know when you just might meet Jesus!

God bless you and your families and any animal companions that you may have.

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