I’ve always been used to driving long distances. When I lived near Cincinnati, I would visit my grandparents, who live in Fort Wayne, on a fairly regular basis.

At first, the three-hour drive was really boring. But as I got older, I got a portable DVD player, and I used it until it died.

I had two years of memories with that thing, but now I do something else when I drive.

Now, I drive 45 minutes every day from Fort Wayne to Kendallville, so I have a lot of extra time in the car. I do a lot on my commute each day. Sometimes I’ll go through a playlist on Spotify, or I’ll throw on a podcast. Some of my favorites are “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “Your Mom’s House,” but recently, I’ve been chewing sunflower seeds.

No free ads, but I’ve really been into the BIGS Old Bay seasoning flavored ones. The day before I started my internship, I went to the store and bought six bags of them, and now that I’m two weeks into my internship, I have four bags left.

I get bored really easily, so chewing sunflower seeds gives me something else to do on my drive to and from work. Sometimes chewing them can be a problem, like when I accidentally spill the bag in my lap, or accidentally swallow a shell or when I get one with no seed in it.

Gum is also something that I chew while I drive, but eventually the mint or bubble gum flavor gets old. Another benefit to sunflower seeds is that they seem to make my drive go by a lot faster. Now, I know that they physically don’t make my drive faster but mentally, they do.

There are so many flavors of seeds. From my favorite, Old Bay, to Smokey Bar-B-Q, and Chile Limón, there’s a flavor for everybody. I’ve tried other brands of seeds, but I always go back to BIGS.

So if you commute to work, or you just spend a lot of time in the car, next time, try putting on a podcast, get a bag of seeds and just see how much faster your drive goes by.

I know you’re dying to know, so I’ll give you a top five power ranking of my favorite sunflower seed flavors. These are all from BIGS. Every other brand is irrelevant.

1. Old Bay seasoned

These are by far the best flavor. I’ve never had Old Bay seasoning but after having these, I need to try the seasoning.

2. Tapatío Chile Limón

The spice and lime flavor are amazing. These are a must try.

3. Stubbs Smokey Bar-B-Q

Bar-B-Q is a classic flavor, especially Stubbs. They taste just like the sauce.

4. Dill Pickle (Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.)

I know that it sounds like they would taste awful, but these are next level.

5. Taco Bell Supreme

I’m a big Taco Bell fan, as much as I hate to admit it, and this flavor gives me the same Taco Bell flavor without the calories.

Next time you’re in a gas station or convenience store, pick up a bag of sunflower seeds.

Jacob Musselman is a summer intern for KPC Media Group. He’ll be a junior when he returns to school at Ball State University this fall. Email him at jmusselman@kpcmedia.com.

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