Pokémon Sword and Shield

Nintendo Switch

One of (or the most?) powerhouse franchises in Nintendo’s lineup is now in its eighth generation. Young Pokemon trainers set out into the new Galar region to try to catch up to 400 unique Pokemon, while battling through the region’s gym circuit. With an influence from modern-day e-sports, Pokemon Sword and Shield brings the main series to a console — the Nintendo Switch — for the first time in its history.

Perfect for: Youngsters, die-hard Pokemon fans

Untitled Goose Game

PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch

Let’s face it, geese are jerks. That’s the premise that designers at indie studio House House started with for the game. With a cute, cartooney style, you take control of a goose whose job is to terrorize and annoy plenty of nice, ordinary people. This game had a cult following before it even released, but it’s gone on to be a major success.

Perfect for: Anyone, people who want to blow of steam by goose honking at elderly gardeners

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

PC, PlayStation 4, XBOX One

Set just after the point of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, when the Empire has exterminated most of the Jedi, players take on the role of Jedi Cal Kestis as he tries to survive being hunted by Imperial headhunters. Hearkening back to the era of the Jedi Knight series on PC back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, this action-adventure title may be one of the best Star Wars titles in recent history.

Perfect for: Star Wars fans, people who like other action titles like God of War or Assassin’s Creed

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nintendo Switch

While Mario is best known for busting Koopas and beating up Bowser, his brother Luigi has spent his time taking out ghosts. Don’t ask me how that works out, but the popular series is now in its third installment. In this game, Luigi takes on ghosts in a haunted high-rise hotel. It’s cute and fun and another solid entry in the series.

Perfect for: Kids, Mario fans

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

For a warfare series that never seems to die no matter how many battles it goes into, this is the fourth entry in the Modern Warfare branch of the shooter and the 16th game in the CoD franchise. Soldiers are dropped into combat in the fictional nation of Urzikstan, which is being invaded by Russia (giving real-word echoes of the Russian invasion of Ukraine).

Perfect for: People who can’t get enough first-person shooters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Switch

This game has been out for a year now, but it’s still one of the hottest titles on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s classic arena brawler, this game features a cast of characters so large — 80 so far — with more scheduled to be added in the future. This game is fun whether you’re a kid just bashing your buddies up to competitive players competing in ranked online matches.

Perfect for: Anyone who likes beat ‘em up games

The Outer Worlds

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

If you’re looking for a unique sci-fi adventure, try this one on for size. In an alternate future where mega-corporations have colonized the galaxy, you’ll gather a team of misfit companions and blast your way through some expansive spacey zones. With a sometimes light-hearted tone, you’ll get a dose of sci-fi action with a bit of humor on the side.

Perfect for: Explorers, sci-fi buffs

Death Stranding

PlayStation 4

In a post-apocalyptic America where monsters roam and ravage the land, you take on the role of, well, basically a delivery boy moving supplies from colony to colony. It’s not that mundane, but traversing the dark and dangerous ground between settlements mixes a little stealth, a little stress and a little horror.

Perfect for: Adults, people who like dark games

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Nintendo had Mario and Sega had Sonic the Hedgehog. Back in the day when PlayStation was trying to find its cutesy mascot characters in a platformer game, Spyro the Dragon was one the franchises rolled out. The purple dragon never gained the mass popularity, but he did star in a couple really good games. Those original three games have since been remastered and released in one package.

Perfect for: Kids, former PlayStation owners with nostalgia

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo Switch

The 16th installment in the Fire Emblem series that started back on the original Nintendo, this tactical strategy game is one of the series’ best. You take control of Byleth, a professor at the officer’s academy, tasked with teaching a team of up-and-coming student warriors. With four different paths, each taking dozens of hours to complete, this game offers a lot of gameplay with a more forgiving difficult that past entries in the series.

Perfect for: Strategy gamers, people who love sword-and-sorcery genre

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