“I am the resurrection and the life.” (John 11:25)

This past weekend was just so tough on many of us. I am not sure what we were doing on Saturday night when it hit our radar that something had gone wrong. I turned on the news and realized that there had been another shooting.

We do not have to be in the same political party to agree that this is awful. We don’t have to worship the same to believe that this is awful. Sunday morning I turned on the news to see what more we knew and was shocked that overnight there had been another shooting.

Dayton, Ohio, is a special place for me. I attend grad school there and have “family.” Family is in quotes because they are people I choose to be in my family; not blood but a choice to include them in the family.

This passage of scripture brings us hope:

Jesus had a dear friend who was like family to him. His name was Lazarus. The whole family was special to Jesus. Lazarus’ sister Mary is the one who would anoint Jesus feet with oil and use her hair to wipe them. Lazarus became sick. Mary and her sister Martha send a message to Jesus ... “Come, your friend is sick!” Jesus stayed where he was for two more days before traveling to Lazarus, Mary, and Martha. By the time he arrived, Lazarus had passed.

Jesus says this above statement … I am the resurrection and the life. In the Passion Translation, it states “Anyone who clings to me in faith, even though he dies, will live forever. And the one who lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?” (John 11: 25b-26)

My initial response to Saturday and Sunday was there was no hope! How could this be happening — again! How could this happen, twice, within 24 hours? As I do when I am looking for hope I turned to the Lord. For me, that is the “clinging” that Jesus is speaking of. What is your anchor? I get it if you call a friend for courage, empathy, etc. After that though what do you do? Do you sulk? Do you nurse and rehearse it?

Once I turned to the Lord in prayer my spirit revived. I knew that there was hope. I knew that Jesus came so that we can live in a better way. We might feel like there is nothing we can do but there are things we can do!

We can pray. My prayer is that my grandchildren (I have none yet but belief in faith that will happen, lol) will never know the violence of mass shootings. That the only way they will know about them is through history books that tell the story about how we began to care and love our neighbors. Helping those broken or lost that need to be reminded there is more to life than pain. More than inflicting pain on others. There is a better way and that way is Jesus.

How do people get to know Jesus? Us! We love! We share! We help! We care! Let’s help change this world from broken from loss to healing with the Lord Jesus Christ!

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