I have been participating in a reading plan with my flock. We read a little from the Old and the New Testament. The records of Kings and leaders have struck me we read about in the Old Testament.

1 Kings 15:26 states, “He did evil in the eyes of the LORD, following the ways of his father and committing the same sin his father had caused Israel to commit.”

If there is a record of our lives somewhere, what would it say? Would you be embarrassed? Would you be horrified? Would you wish you had made different choices?

Many times in scripture, we see that people follow the wrong people. In this passage, we see that the King followed his dad’s wicked ways. He imitated what he knew to be true. What are we imitating? Do we resemble positives or negatives? Are we seeking to do good daily?

Life is made up of daily choices. One small right decision and lead to another and another. This is also true of making missteps. You can get caught up in one that leads to another and another until you are off course.

I love the passage in scripture that states, “God’s mercies are new every morning.” This is also from the Old Testament, the book of Lamentations. It reminds me that whatever missteps I may take tomorrow is a new opportunity to take the right step. So today, I choose to read some scripture, enjoy the moments, and live. I want not to focus on what is wrong but what is right. Every right choice we make builds up more and more small until the large decisions are more natural.

Some kings did what was pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. 2 Kings 22:2 tells us, “He did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight and followed the example of his ancestor David. He did not turn away from doing what was right.” Doing things the right way means doing what is upstanding, correct, beyond reproach. Life can be so confusing presently.

Truth can be relative to many. Every changing truth is confusing. What we have always known is not the case presently. So, how do we live? Scripture tells us to love God our God with all our heart, soul, and mind. There is an AND, which means there is more. We have to love one another, how we love determines how we are remembered. I have made my share of mistakes, but I hope that each day I put the mistakes behind me and start again with loving the Lord and others each day. Won’t you join me in trying to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord? Let’s make a difference in our corner of the world.

The Rev. Tracey Zimmerman serves at Fremont United Methodist Church and Nevada Mills United Methodist Church

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