Christ the Lord has Risen! He has Risen indeed!

Many of us will say this tomorrow as we celebrate the empty tomb. The only moment better than that is our yes to Jesus. Many of us say yes, but then nothing changes. This is fire insurance. I mean that we want the insurance of being saved from death but not the commitment. That seems harsh, but the truth can be challenging at times.

When we believe in Jesus and say yes to Him, we enter a beautiful personal relationship. Our best personal relationships look different from casual friends. Your closest friends know the names of your children, have been in your home, and know what your heart breaks for and what it longs for as well. Our casual friends may know some of the things I just listed but not all of them. Are you in a casual relationship or a personal relationship?

Personal relationships also listen. Are you pouring out things to Jesus but not taking the time to listen to him? Are you telling Him how you want things but not listening to hear His plan? Boy, have I been guilty of that.

I have a great CD that takes you through meditative listening moments with Jesus. It has you listen to quiet music and says, close your eyes and picture yourself with Jesus. Do that after you read this paragraph. Who is Jesus to you? Are you sitting next to Him? Are you on the sea of Galilee with Him? Are you on a hillside with children? Are you sitting in your own home with Him? Ask Him what He wants to tell you and be still and listen? I have heard words of encouragement and words that aligned with what I was studying at the time. That is the best way to determine this is of me? Am I projecting what I would want Jesus to say? Or does this align with scriptures and things I have been studying? If the answer is yes and you run it by an older, wiser friend who knows Jesus intimately, you know it is of Him.

Jesus never called us to study His Word and soak up time with Him and call it good! Jesus calls us to live in love. So I ask you, as you awaken every day to the mercies of God, who are you loving? Do you love just those in your family of origin? Jesus needs you to love more. Do you love those that are nice to you? Jesus requires you to love more. Do you love those that only you like? Jesus commands us to “love one another as I have loved you!”

Won’t you join me in living as people who believe: Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! As people who say that will you spend time with Him and love as He does? This world will look radically different as we commit to this. I am in! Join Jesus and make love shine!

Christ is risen indeed!

The Rev. Tracey Zimmerman serves at Fremont United Methodist Church and Nevada Mills United Methodist Church

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