GARRETT — These Garrett High School students received honors at the school’s awards day on May 26.

GKB Education Foundation: Grace Weller.

ACT/SAT Math Club Awards — SAT: Trevor Armstrong, Zakary Klopfenstein, Jessica Schroeder and Cierra Wilcoxson.

Both ACT and SAT: Creigh Dircksen, Keegan McComb and Grace Weller.

ACT/SAT English Club Awards, Reading and Writing Section — SAT: Trevor Armstrong, Sadie Best, Noah Dapp, Addison Koble, Cameron Terry and Payton Wilson.

Both ACT and SAT — Creigh Dircksen, Keegan McComb and Grace Weller.

Academic Super Bowl Team Awards

English: Sarah Cooper.

Fine Arts: Addison Koble.

Math: Keegan McComb and Creigh Dircksen.

Science: Donovan Carmichael, Noah Dapp and Creigh Dircksen.

Science/Social Studies: Grace Weller.

Athletic Awards

Silver Participant Awards (lettered 3 years in same sport)

Cheerleading: Claudea Lee and Zoey Martin.

Wrestling: Bailey Payton (manager) and Keegan McComb.

Cross country: Reece Clingan, Seth Montoya.

Soccer: Dylan Raymond.

Football: Gage Camp, Brady Cook and Tyler Walden.

Baseball: Brayden Fisher.

Track: Cliff Andrews and Seth Montoya.

Gold Participant Awards (lettered 4 years same sport)

Baseball: Blake Ratcliffe and Gage Smith.

Cross country: Madilyn Malcolm, Valencia Placencia, Chloe Rayle

Football: Kolin Cope.

Golf: Sarah Cooper, Noah Dapp and Colton Weimer.

Soccer: Ella Baver, Kandyce Combs, Creigh Dircksen, Kenan Kennedy, Zakary Klopfenstein, Sydney Krock, Macy Newman, Abby Ruiz, Brynn Wilhelm.

Track: Trevor Armstrong, Ella Baver, Sadie Best, Kenan Kennedy, Emma Kioski, Zakary Klopfenstein, Madilyn Malcolm, Valencia Placencia, Tia Spiece.

Softball: Hallie McCoy.

Volleyball: Emma Hirchak and Logan Smith.

Wrestling: Kolin Cope, Kane McCormack, Kamren Pelmear, Seth VanWagner and Colton Weimer.

10 Letter/Honor Rings: Trevor Armstrong, Sadie Best, Zakary Klopfenstein, Madilyn Malcolm and Colton Weimer.

Carson Culler Senior Athlete Awards: Sarah Cooper and Gage Smith.

Band awards

Senior band awards: Makayla Boyle, Addison Koble and Jordan Schmidt (marching dand); Kathleen Suelzer (marching band and jazz band); Mikayla Taylor, Cameron Terry, Cierra Wilcoxson

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Mikayla Taylor.

John Philip Sousa Award: Addison Koble.

Choir awards

Encore Show Choir Senior Achievement Award: Ella Baver, Donavan Carmichael, Reece Clingan, Layna Miller, Marissa Presswood, Devin Sheets, Kathleen Suelzer, Mikayla Taylor, Grace Weller and Jay White.

Class Officer Awards

President Ryan DePew, Vice President Zakary Klopfenstein, Secretary Sarah Cooper, Treasurer Creigh Dircksen.

Career Development Employment Achievement

Kaine Bishop, Schenkel Construction; Aidan Custer, H&L Electric; Brayden Fisher, TJW Industrial; Marcuus Guzman, Brooks Construction; Amelia Haiflich, Weigand Construction; Jessica Schroeder, TK Ladd Architecture; Devin Sheets, TFC Canopy; Tyler Walden, Military; Grace Weller, MSS Engineering; Jeffrey Brown, Best Deal Auto.

CTE Certifications

CAD Certificate: Trevor Armstrong, Gage Camp, Taylor DeLong, Creigh Dircksen, Brayden Fisher, Sydney Krock and Grace Weller.

Business Certificate: Erica Boggs, Ryan DePew, Isabella Hug, Zoey Martin, Hallie McCoy, Macy Newman and Heather Shidler.

Business Certificate, expected summer completion: Brayden Fisher, Taylor Hughes and Kathleen Suelzer.

Carpentry Certificate: Landen Arnett, Kaine Bishop, Aidan Custer, Taylor DeLong, Brayden Fisher, Caleb Grim, Marcuus Guzman, Jessica Schroeder, Devin Sheets and Tyler Walden.

PLTW Completion: Kandyce Combs.

Visual Communications Pathways: Seth Montoya.

Cyber Patriot Award: Noah Dapp and Creigh Dircksen.

Eagle Scout Award: Truitt Taylor.

DeKalb’s VOICE Senior Award: Sarah Cooper.

FFA Awards

One year — Cliff Andrews; two years — Lillian Haaser and Tia Spiece; four years — Ryan DePew and Madilyn Malcolm.

Key Club Founding Members: Sadie Best, Madison Greene, Logan Hedges, Isabella Hug, Addison Koble, Valencia Placencia and Abigail Ruiz.

National Honor Society

Trevor Armstrong, Sadie Best, Sarah Cooper, Noah Dapp, Ryan DePew, Creigh Dircksen, Brayden Fisher, Madison Greene, Logan Hedges, Emma Hirchak, Siann Humbarger, Addison Koble, Sydney Krock, Madilyn Malcolm, Keegan McComb, Seth Montoya, Macy Newman, Valcencia Placencia, Marissa Presswood, Abigail Ruiz, Jessica Schroeder, Abbigail Sexton, Logan Smith, Kathleen Suelzer and Grace Weller.

Salty Surveyors Award of Excellence in Science Research and Communication: Noah Dapp and Grace Weller.

SIWI Stockholm Junior Water Prize — Award of Excellence for a Water-Related Science Project and American Meteorological Society Certificate of Outstanding Achievement: Creigh Dircksen.

Garrett High School Shotgun Sports Club Participant Award: Gage Camp.

Student Council Awards

Leadership Cords: Sarah Cooper and Ryan DePew

Theater Arts Awards

Reece Clingan and Jay White, two years; Seth Montoya and Marissa Presswood, three years; and Donavan Carmichael, Layna Miller, Kathleen Suelzer and Grace Weller, four years.

Marine Corps Awards

Distinguished Athlete: Zakary Klopfenstein and Madilyn Malcolm.

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Cameron Terry.

Scholastic Excellence: Keegan McComb and Sadie Best.

Academic Distinction

Cum laude (GPA of 9.1-10.0): Korbin Allman, Landen Arnett, Kaine Bishop, Makayla Boyle, Lucas Brock, Donavan Carmichael, Taylor DeLong, Ryan DePew, Isabella Hug, Kenan Kennedy, Kassidy Kyler, Hallie McCoy, Seth Montoya, Blake Ratcliffe, Chloe Rayle, Laurel Richey, Adria Rowe, Gage Smith, Tia Spiece, Mysteria Stotler, Seth Van Wagner, Colton Weimer and Jay White.

Magna cum laude (GPA 10.1-11.0): Kandyce Combs, Noah Dapp, Madison Greene, Amelya Haiflich, Siann Humbarger, Marissa Presswood, Abbigail Sexton, Logan Smith, Morgan Smith, Truitt Taylor and Cierra Wilcoxson.

Summa cum laude (GPA 11.1-12.0 or above):Trevor Armstrong, Sadie Best, Sarah Cooper, Aidan Custer, Creigh Dircksen, Brayden Fisher, Logan Hedges, Emma Hirchak, Emma Kioski, Zakary Klopfenstein, Addison Koble, Sydney Krock, Keegan McComb, Madilyn Malcolm, Macy Newman, Abigail Ruiz, Valencia Placencia, Jessica Schroeder, Kathleen Suelzer, Mikayla Taylor, Grace Weller and Payton Wilson.

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