AUBURN — The following licenses to wed were granted in October in DeKalb County.

Kirk Allen Schurr, 62, Garrett and Victoria Jean Coldiron, 60, Garrett.

James Bradly Fockler, 24, Auburn and McKenna Brooke Atkinson, 25, Auburn.

Cameron Thomas Schrupp, 27, Waterloo and Jennifer Marie Higbee, 31, Waterloo.

Cody Sewards, 23, St. Joe and Mikaela Miller, 23, Fort Wayne.

Hollis Eugene Burton III, 30, Spencerville and Bailie McKenna Eubanks, 21, Spencerville.

William Thomas Jackson IV, 19, Butler and Beonca Carol Coburn, 18, Waterloo.

John George McFall, 48, Garrett and Hazel Grace Almero Gange, 25, Garrett.

Andrew Jason Bergman, 49, Fort Wayne and Theresa Lynn Fisher, 53, Auburn.

Adam W. Miller, 25, Hicksville, Ohio and Rosalie Schmucker, 25, Spencerville.

Steven Allen McDonald, 43, Auburn and Alexus Michelle Morace, 28, Auburn.

Chad Alan Stahl, 47, Auburn and Vicki Lynn Snow, 47, Auburn.

Christopher Andrew Green, 26, Waterloo and Hope Victoria Grube, 27, Corunna.

Eli Thomas Jaymes Rodman, 25, Auburn and Stephanie Nicole Moore, 24, Garrett.

Adam Vaughn, 26, Garrett and Katelyn Wilhelm, 28, Garrett.

Kirk Jason Lechleidner, 48, St. Joe and Carol Sue Carey, 49, Fort Wayne.

Bernard Lee Rickman, 26, Waterloo and Danielle Nicole Crowthers, 33, Waterloo.

Theron Joe Imhoff, 23, Butler and Nicole Michelle McKinley, 23, Angola.

Brandon Michael Chriswell, 24, Auburn and Jasmine Ann Jordan, 29, Garrett.

Patrick Wayne Oliver, 30, Auburn and Amanda Lynn Fetters, 31, Auburn.

Evan Michael Mower, 26, Markle and Elizabeth Anne Lauer, 26, Auburn.

Ross Leo Thompson, 24, Auburn and Hannah Alexis Hill, 22, Auburn.

Richard Douglas Shawver, 34, Auburn and Jessica Manning, 35, Auburn.

Michael Jay Fugate Jr., 42, Garrett and Kristal Linn Bryant, 41, Garrett.

Colby Oliver Stackhouse, 25, Waterloo and Taren Elizabeth Eddy, 22, Waterloo.

Andrew Robert Brown, 24, Auburn and Jade Elaine Smith, 24, Auburn.

Eugene Dewayne White II, 35, Butler and Whitney Stone Maze, 34, St. Joe.

Clay Steven Shultz, 35, Corunna and Sarah Le Ann Kennedy, 31, Garrett.

Bradley Nathaniel Refner, 30, Auburn and Amanda Rene Alderfer, 26, Auburn.

Joseph Fred Traster, 54, Auburn and Lisa Marie Heiser, 46, Butler.

Edward Emmet Carper Jr., 44, Corunna and Jennifer Sue Thiel, 40, Corunna.

Zachary Carl Allread, 26, Garrett and Sadie Danielle West, 26, Garrett.

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