GARRETT —The Garrett Collaborative Preschool is accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year and will be offering a sliding scale to assist families with the fees. The cost of quality early learning experiences can be a barrier for many families and these two community organizations recognize this challenge. J.E. Ober Elementary School and the JAM Center will partner with families to make this unique preschool opportunity affordable for all!

The Garrett Collaborative Preschool will be located in the J.E. Ober Annex and available to 20 four-year-old students starting on Sept. 3. The classes will meet Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30 -11:30 a.m. There is a $30 registration fee, and the tuition with the sliding scale is $18- $30 a week based upon income. Registration is now open and families interested should contact the JAM Center at 357-1917.

The Collaborative believes in providing a safe, nurturing, and choice-filled environment and fosters children’s independence, exploration of their interests and expression of their individuality. The program uses the Reggio Emilia philosophy to plan curriculum. Respect, kindness, beauty and order will be promoted in a positive environment by incorporating the diversity of our children and their families.

Children will be provided with opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in meaningful contexts. Children are introduced to simple ideas that emerge into complex projects. This allows for in-depth investigations of children’s questions. Each child is recognized and valued as a unique individual with a capacity for growth and development. The teacher and the environment support the child’s development in all areas: emotional, social, creative, and intellectual.

This special partnership for children also includes the support of child development experts and mentors from the Bloom! Initiative. The Collaborative’s Lead Teacher position has been filled with an individual who holds a Master’s degree in Education and has many years of experience in the classroom.

Space is limited for the pilot preschool class this fall so students will be accepted based upon completed registration packet and fee. For more information about the Garrett Collaborative Preschool, people may Cheryl Nicole at or phone 357-1917.

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