Community Foundation Scholarship recipients

Seniors earning Foundation of DeKalb County scholarships, from left, are Logan Brewer, Libbey Detcher and Dawes Dircksen. Katelynn Gochcoff was not present for the photo.

GARRETT — The Community Foundation of DeKalb County awarded scholarships to four Garrett High School students through the generosity of donors who believe in continuing education after high school.

Donors put a lot of thought into the specific criteria for their scholarships. Examples of scholarship criteria vary from sports participation, specific college major or work skill, or open to all students. Each application is blindly reviewed by the Scholarship Screening Committee and scored with a rubric on GPA, SAT/ACT scores, school courses, school activities, community service/work experience and an essay.

These scholarships recognize the accomplishments the students have achieved in the last four years. Recipients include:

• Sarah Jean Eldridge Scholarship – Libbey Detcher and Dawes Dircksen;

• Jack and Sharon Hannes Scholarship – Dawes Dircksen;

• Carol L. Hill Memorial Scholarship – Libbey Detcher;

• Northeast Indiana Business & Professional Women Scholarship – Libbey Detcher;

• Winifred Peters Scholarship – Katelynn Gochcoff;

• Lukas Rieke Memorial Scholarship – Logan Brewer;

• Donald Ruegsegger Scholarship for Christian Leadership – Libbey Detcher;

• Warren G. Sunday Memorial Scholarship – Logan Brewer;

• Robert and Virginia White Scholarship – Logan Brewer and Libbey Detcher; and

• Pat Zakula Legacy Fund – Dawes Dircksen.

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