INDIANAPOLIS — Northeast Indiana legislators are encouraging local college students and recent graduates to apply online for paid internships with the Indiana House of Representatives at the Statehouse in Indianapolis.

Before the start of each legislative session, House Republicans hire interns to help legislators and staff. The positions are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, as well as recent college graduates, and law school and graduate students.

"Each intern class has a meaningful impact on the work we, as state lawmakers, do each legislative session," said Rep. David Abbott, R-Rome City. "This program is open to all majors, offers a variety of fields to utilize different talents and has multiple positions available within the communication, legislative or policy teams."

Rep. Ben Smaltz, R-Auburn, all majors are welcome to apply online for internships in a variety of areas, including legislative operations, communications and media relations, policy and fiscal policy. Previous political or government experience is not required.

"Some students might shy away from this program thinking their major doesn't apply, but I encourage these students to take a second look," Smaltz said. "At the Statehouse, we tackle legislation relating to nearly every industry and profession in one way or another."

Full-time interns will work Monday through Friday, from January through April in 2021. Interns receive biweekly compensation of $750, and they can earn academic credit through their colleges or universities. Interns are eligible for a competitive $3,000 scholarship to use toward undergraduate and graduate expenses.

"The current job market is incredibly competitive, and a rock-solid resume is necessary to getting a foot in the door," said Rep. Denny Zent, R-Angola. "It also doesn't hurt to have a vast network to lean on, and this program puts interns in contact with a wide variety of potential employment sources."

Zent said the Legislature may make certain changes to the internship program due to the impacts of COVID-19 and social-distancing requirements, but any adjustments will be communicated to candidates and intern hires.

Students should apply before the Oct. 31 deadline online at

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