Sisters Haven Wetzel, left, and Mia Weaver collect some warm clothes for a friend after a playground moment on Wednesday at Hendry Park Elementary School. Mia, her sister and mother, Taylor Kerner, have started a clothing drive so no children will be chilly this winter.

ANGOLA — When Mia Weaver arrived home from Hendry Park Elementary School on Wednesday, she told her mother, Taylor Kerner, they had to do something for her friend, who didn’t have warm, winter clothing to protect her at recess.

So, Taylor, Mia and younger daughter Haven Wetzel decided to do something about it. First, they went out to get some gloves, hat and scarf for Mia’s friend. Then they decided to start a clothing drive for all of the students in need at Hendry Park, where Mia’s in the second grade.

“It was just something that came up on a whim. Mia came home from school ... and she was concerned for one of her friends,” Taylor said, “who didn’t have any warm clothes.”

It was a moment on the playground during a chilly recess that brought it all together, and something sad and sweet that struck Taylor and set the whole drive in motion.

A school mate, Taylor said, “She said, ‘Mia, I’m so cold but at least I have you,”’ as the two hugged.

Taylor and her daughters have started a warm clothing drive with the help of local businesses that will serve as collection points.

At first, the drive will be concentrated on helping out Mia’s mates at Hendry Park. If it takes off, it will expand to other schools, Taylor said.

There are already drop off boxes out at Monument Pizza and Pub and Libby’s on the northeast quadrant of the Public Square. Another drop point is at Fourever Young Boutique, 1920 W. 200N, Angola.

“It’s just now taking off,” Taylor said.

And it’s her daughter’s heart of gold that will keep her friends warm.

“Mia, she’s always had a heart for this. At her birthday this year, she took her birthday money and gave it to the animal shelter,” Taylor said.

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