ANGOLA — Angola Middle School students honored around 100 local veterans at the annual Veterans Day program Friday morning.

Veterans and their guests had the opportunity to eat breakfast with the students before a more than one hour long ceremony.

Principal Ryan Bounds thanked the entire school staff for making the day memorable. All students attended and many participated, including the choir, band, cheerleaders and essay contest winners.

Sixth-grader Isaiah Davis read his essay, which started out about World War II Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss, who saved 75 men during the Battle of Okinawa while refusing to fight due to his objection to the war.

“He had the courage that no one had in that battle,” said Davis. Doss served, Davis said, “so that we can live in peace in freedom.”

Then, Davis’ story became more personal. He said veterans gave their all “for everybody’s freedom,” including his own father, Tom, who lost a leg in Iraq. Tom’s best friend died.

Seventh-grader CateLynn Miller’s essay applauded citizens who are “simply human” for their courageous deeds. This country has “been through war, it’s been through slavery and through bad leaders,” Miller read. While it has its problems, she said, the United States of America “is pretty darn close to perfect.” She thanked veterans for helping keep it that way.

“Veterans are my heroes because they make many sacrifices that I would not be able to make,” said eighth-grade essay contest winner Jace Lang. His uncle who served was killed in a fatal car crash.

“In any way they serve in the military,” Lang said, “I want to thank you for being hard-working, dedicated people.”

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