Solar Time Tracker

Kevin Miller and Denny Peet stand outside Aurora Capital Energy in Angola with a solar panel that uses Peet’s Solar Time Tracker — a device that allows the panels to move following the sun for maximum power. The tracker is one of the many products offered through the store.

ANGOLA — Those looking for solar panels, products and more related to solar energy have a new store in Angola to fulfill their needs.

Aurora Capital Energy, 3725 N. S.R. 127, Angola, is now open and ready to help customers with all their solar energy needs.

Owner Shawn Peet brought the store to Angola because there is nothing quite like it in the area.

Store manager Kevin Miller said they know a lot of people are upset with their electric bills.

“We can help do away with or at least cut down electric bills,” Miller said.

The store carries much more than just solar panels. Whatever isn’t in stock can typically be ordered in.

The variety of products includes various sizes of panels, solar time tracker units, inverters, controllers, various sizes of direct current refrigerators and freezers as well as mini-split heating and air conditioning units, poly lawn furniture and solar benches.

Miller has spent around three years in the industry and said the company can build and design grid-tie systems and off-grid for homes, offices, cabins, workshops and more, depending on the needs of the customer.

Peet’s uncle, Denny, has spent the last six years in the solar industry and is the inventor of the solar time tracker, a device that follows the sun for maximum power all the time.

“It’s always there under the sun,” Shawn Peet said. “Panels make about 40 percent more power by tracking.”

The tracker positions panels throughout the day to capture the most exposure from the sun. It’s based on a real-time clock, so time zones aren’t an issue as the clock can be reprogrammed for wherever the person lives.

Solar generators can also be designed and built to fit the customer’s need, Miller said.

Solar benches, which can be seen outside the new store, are a backup power system available that can be customized.

They come in two or three panel styles and are made of the same poly as the non-solar lawn furniture so there are no splinters or rotting wood. The steel is heavy, powder-coated steel.

Each can have a custom design on it including fishing, camping, hunting, boating, floral or butterflies, for example, with more designs able to be done on special request.

Solar benches come in 12- or 24-volt options.

“Put one in your yard and plug right into it and use it,” Miller said about the benches.

Each has a remote display meter and a 120-volt outlet to plug into.

For those wanting to learn about solar power for their life without spending a lot of money, Miller said they’ll be offering different solar kits that will still let people explore solar without being as expensive.

More information on the offerings from Aurora Capital Energy can be found online at, on Facebook, @auroracapitalenergy, by visiting the store or by calling Peet at 687-0623.

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