ANGOLA — A 24-year-old Angola man started serving a 30-year sentence on Friday.

Tylarr James Tagliaferri admitted to three Level 3 felony child molesting charges a month ago in the final moments of a three-day jury trial, allowing the dismissal of four higher felony charges.

Friday, Steuben Superior Court Judge William Fee sentenced Tagliaferri to the maximum term under the plea deal — 30 years. Fee ordered Tagliaferri serve 10 years for each charge — one for each of three young boys Tagliaferri says he forced to provide him with oral sex.

“I think they all are entitled to their own individual justice,” said Fee.

All three boys — ages 13, 11 and 9 — testified at length during the trial.

Fee referenced a presentence investigation in which Tagliaferri told Steuben County Probation Officer Chris Sallows about multiple occasions when he received sexual favors from the children.

“You gratified your impulses on a very base level,” Fee said. “What you did to these boys is a terrible crime.”

No probation was allowed because Tagliaferri was on probation when he committed the crimes. He was convicted of misdemeanor battery against a child — one of the boys he later admitted to molesting — in December 2014. The probationary period — during which time Tagliaferri was to have no contact with the boy — ended Nov. 16, 2015.

The crimes he admitted to occurred between April 1, 2015, and Aug. 2, 2015, before Tagliaferri turned 21 years old. The molesting happened while Tagliaferri was babysitting the boys, which he did one day a week, according to testimony during the trial.

Tagliaferri was taken into custody by Steuben County Sheriff’s Department Friday morning and will be remanded to the Indiana Department of Correction. He was given credit for 613 days already served.

Fee ordered that Tagliaferri have no contact with the boys or their legal guardian, grandmother Heather Su Sheets.

Friday, Sheets said the boys are getting intensive therapy and skills counseling several times a week. She said they are afraid of Tagliaferri, who is married to her daughter.

“You show no remorse,” Sheets said to Tagliaferri. “They have nightmares. They have anxiety, and I’m concerned because there has been no emotion. You have not cried, you haven’t been angry. That scares me. ... I pray they find out what’s wrong with you for my other grandson, for my daughter.”

Tagliaferri’s mother, Jenny Lancaster, spoke in his behalf, saying he is an honest person and she does not believe he did the crimes.

Tagliaferri will be on the Indiana Sex and Violent Offenders Registry for life. Due to new state law, he also will be on lifetime parole.

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