ANGOLA — Three of the four clerks of court in the four-county area have endorsed a challenger to incumbent Secretary of State Holli Sullivan.

The Republican Party will be picking its candidate for secretary of state along with candidates for auditor and treasurer at its state convention today. The festivities got underway on Friday in Indianapolis.

Local clerks endorsing David Shelton, the Knox County clerk, include Holly Albright, DeKalb; Tammy Bremmer, Noble; and Tangi Manahan, Steuben.

One of Shelton’s candidate web pages said 58 clerks have now endorsed him. It is not known how many of the clerks will be serving as convention delegates.

“Today County Clerks across the state have clearly spoken,” Shelton said in a press release issued on Tuesday after 56 clerks had endorsed him. “After a primary and over a year of working with the current Secretary of State and administration, they have overwhelmingly stated that there is a need for a change. I am proud to have the endorsements of those who best understand what is needed to effectively run the office. The Clerks are our first line of defense when it comes to our elections.”

In addition to Sullivan (who was appointed to the Secretary of State Office last year when Connie Lawson decided to retire) and Shelton, the other Republican candidates include Kyle Conrad, Paul Hager and Diego Morales.

At one time in Indiana politics, the secretary of state’s office was considered a springboard for a run for governor, but that hasn’t been the case since Evan Bayh was elected governor in 1988 following two years in the office of secretary of state.

Running for treasurer on the Republican ticket are Daniel Elliott, Lana Keesling, Elise Nieshalla and Pete Seat. The incumbent, Kelly Mitchell, can’t run again due to term limits.

The lone candidate for auditor is Tera Klutz, the incumbent auditor.

Meanwhile, Shelton wants to implement a boot camp to train county clerks and implement changes he said is needed to help secure voting in Indiana.

He takes pride in bringing to prosecution one of the few election fraud cases in Indiana in 2020.

DeKalb and Noble counties will be sending 14 delegates apiece to the convention. Steuben is sending 12 delegates and LaGrange has eight.

Even though it doesn’t cost anything to run for office, delegates have to pay a fee to their parties when they attend their conventions.

Republicans must either pay $100 per delegate individually or have the fee covered by a campaign or a committee.

Democrats assess their delegates $35 apiece, but the delegates are not allowed to pay their own fees, it must be paid by the local party.

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