ANGOLA — Barbara Sisler Moore was born May 20, 1928, in Gary to Samuel Paul and Ann Shailo Haines.

She was a teacher and attendance officer for the Metropolitan School District of Steuben County from 1969-1977 and found herself engaged in a number of community activities including the Ladies of the Elks, the Eastern Star, the Republican Women’s Club, the Angola Garden Club and Tri-Delta Sorority.

She was also a mother with one son, Samuel L.J. Sisler and two daughters, Deborah Blackwell and Barbara J. Shuford.

By the time of her death, her children had given her four grandchildren. Barbara died Feb. 26, 1988 after being shot in her home.

Among those preceding her in death was her first husband, Judge Louis Sisler, who was killed in 1974 in Washington D.C. in a case of mistaken identity.

A former Steuben Circuit Judge, the Sisler’s had moved to D.C. so Judge Sisler could work as legislative counsel for the National Rifle Association.

Barbara met her second husband, Bobby Ray Moore, after Judge Sisler’s untimely death. Moore was the homicide investigator assigned to the case.

The two moved to Fremont after Moore left the force in D.C., coming back to the county that Judge Sisler had served for many years.

Within a year of retiring to Fremont, Moore became town marshal for Fremont.

Barbara’s marriage to Bobby, unfortunately, wasn’t meant to last. Their divorce was set to be final on Feb. 29, 1988.

Bobby shot Barbara in what he claimed to be self-defense just three days before their divorce date at their home in rural Fremont, on Lake Minifenokee. It was a home the two were sharing, with him renting a portion from her, living in the basement.

Barbara had been on the phone with her daughter, Barbara Shuford, at the time of her death asking her daughter to come and get her, according to a probable cause affidavit from the case surrounding her death.

In a special section article published by the Herald-Republican on July 28, 1988, it says Shuford told investigators her mother couldn’t have used a gun in her right hand due to physical ailments. In the affidavit, it also says Shuford said her mother had recently had carpal-tunnel syndrome so she couldn’t grasp objects with any strength with that hand.

However, it’s that hand that Bobby Moore said Barbara was holding a pistol in when she came into his room the night he shot her in what he called self-defense. The affidavit says he told her to drop the gun or put it down, but she kept advancing so he took his own handgun from a shelf nearby and shot her.

At the time of the affidavit, Moore was unable to recall whether Barbara’s pistol was cocked or not when he shot her.

An article published by The Washington Post after Bobby Moore’s death said Barbara’s death brought a slew of rumors out about Bobby’s character and professionalism including some that accused him of ignoring or breaking the law to help his friends.

Charges against Bobby in the shooting of Barbara were dismissed in April 1988 due to a lack of evidence.

Barbara Moore was buried in Calumet Park Cemetery, Merrillville.

The Herald Republican was unable to reach her children for comment.

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