HAMILTON — Three people suffered injuries in a collision Saturday at 6:15 p.m. on S.R. 427 at C.R 4, one mile south of Hamilton, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department said.

Lucas Allen, 19, of Auburn had a laceration to his head and complained of pain. He was listed in stable condition.

Julianne Steinman, 19, of Auburn, a front-seat passenger in Allen’s car, had a fractured pelvis and injuries to her left ankle.

Jonathan Alexander, 26, of Butler, the other driver, complained of back pain and was in stable condition.

Police said Alexander was traveling east on C.R. 4, while Allen was traveling south on S.R. 427. A witness told police that Alexander disregarded the stop sign at the intersection of the two roads. Alexander’s 1992 Chevrolet struck Allen’s 2005 Volvo S40 on the passenger side in the intersection.

Alexander’s vehicle flipped onto its side and came to rest facing northbound in the intersection. He was trapped inside and was removed from the vehicle by the Hamilton Fire Department. Steuben EMS took him to Parkview Regional Medical Center at Fort Wayne.

Allen’s vehicle spun around, went off the roadway and stopped facing northbound in a field. Steinman was trapped inside and was cut out of the vehicle by the fire department. A Samaritan helicopter flew her to to Parkview Regional Medical Center.

DeKalb EMS took Allen to Parkview Regional Medical Center.

Hamilton Fire, DeKalb EMS, Steuben EMS, the Waterloo Police Department and Parkview Samaritan assisted county police.

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